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John Davies (UK)
A prosopography of Athenian landed families from the 6th to 3rd century

Anna Morpurgo (Italy)
A survey of the Boeotian dialecty; a lexicon of Linear B

Douglass Parker (US)
Translations of early plays of Aristophanes; a critique of The Acharnians

Kenneth Reckford (US)

Hans Peter Stahl (Germany)

Garry Wills (US)
Aeschylus; The Antigone of Sophocles


Jean-Claude Carrière (France)
Political ideas of Plutarch

John P.A. Gould (UK)
Euripides and Lysias; a study of the lit. of the late 5th and early 4th Centuries

John J. Keaney, Jr. (US)
An edition of Harpokration

Masaaki Kubo (Japan)
The importance of the mask in Greek tragedy

Walther Ludwig (Germany)
Hellenistic epigrams and the relations between New and Roman comedy

Hubert Martin, Jr. (US)
Plutarch’s biographical theory and method

William Whallon (US)
Homer; Aeschylus


Harry C. Avery (US)
A prosopographical study of the Four Hundred

Henry Steele Commager, Jr. (US)
The remains of Hellensitic literature and its influence on the Augustan poets

W. Robert Connor (US)
The fragments of Theopompus and the digression in Book X of the Philippica

Gilbert Lawall (US)
The pastoral poems of Theocritus

Michael C. Stokes (UK)
Uses of the terms “one” and “many” in the pre-Socratic philosophers; a history of pre-Socratic cosmogony

Leonardo Tarán (Argentina)
The Epinomis; Platonic Philosophy

Erich Thummer (Austria)
A commentary on the Isthmian Odes of Pindar

Anne-Marie Vérilhac (France)
Funeral epigrams on young boys


Anne Amory (US)
The Odyssey, with particular attention to traditional epithets

Berhard Kytzler (Germany)
The Greek epistolographic tradition; an edition of the Octavius

Pierre Pachet (France)
The technical vocabulary of the Stoic philosophy; an edition with a translation and a commentary on the fragments of Cleanthes

Carlo O. Pavese (Italy)
The Sophoclean papyri; a new Oxyrhynchus papyrus of Pindar

Jan Pecirka (Czechoslovakia)
Land ownership and citizen status in the Greek polis, with special attention to Athens

Gregory M. Sifakis (Greece)
Prosopographical, epigraphical, and archeological problems of the history of the Hellenistic theater

William J. Slater (UK)
A new Pindar lexicon

Peter Westervelt (US)
The similes of the Iliad and their role in the continuity of the poem


Alison M. Burford (UK)
The social, economic, and cultural status of artists and craftsmen in ancient Greek society

Walter Burkert (Germany)
Initiation rites in Greek cults and mythology

Eugen Dönt (Austria)
The history of Platonism from Plato to Plotinus

Pierre Laurens (France)
The relation of Martial to the Greek epigrammatic tradition

Anne Lebeck (US)
Theme and image in the Oresteia of Aeschylus

Harry Neumann (US)
Plato, with particular reference to the Symposium

Joseph A. Russo (US)
Homeric formula and meter

Ernst Sandvoss (Germany)
The concepts of soteria and diaphthora in Plato’s Laws


Klaus E. L. Bartels (Germany)
Aristotelian zoology

Robert H. Drews (US)
Greek universal historians, with special attention to Ephorus

C. Thomas Gelzer (Switzerland)
Neoplatonic allegorical literature and the text of Musaeus

Woldemar E. H. Görler (Germany)
Antiochus of Ascalon and the Middle Academy

Nicolaos C. Hourmouziades (Greece)
Mute figures in Greek drama

Donald Kagan (US)
Thucydides’ account of the Peloponnesian War

David B. Robinson (UK)
Platonic and Aristotelian ethics

D. M. Schenkeveld (Netherlands)
The literary treatises of Dionysius of Halicarnassus


M. Rosemary Arundel (UK)
An essay, text, and commentary on Empedocles

Douglas D. Feaver (US)
Greek music and instruments

Bettie L. Forte (US)
Greco-Roman relations from the 4th century BC through the 2nd century AD

William W. Fortenbaugh (US)
Aristotle’s conception of moral virtue

Herwig C. Görgemanns (Germany)
Editions of Origenes’ De Principiis and Plato’s Crito

David Harvey (UK)
Democratic ideals and concepts in Greek states during the 5th and 4th centuries BC

Gustav A. Seeck (Germany)
Types of dramatic characters in Euripides

Charles P. Segal (US)
The Sophists and Democritus


J. Norman Austin (US)
The Homeric idea of poetics in the Odyssey

David J. Blackman (UK)
Epigraphical documents relating to the history of the Athenian navy

David E. Hahm (US)
The physical theories of the Stoics

Alexander L. W. Kleinlogel (Germany)
An edition of the scholia to Thucydides

Kjeld Matthiessen (Germany)
An edition of the Hecuba of Euripides

Marsh H. McCall, Jr. (US)
An edition of the Suppliants of Aeschylus

Wesley D. Smith (US)
Early Greek medical theory

Krystyna Weyssenhoff-Brozek (Poland)
The correspondence of Alexander the Great


Jack Martin Balcer (US)
Greek and Near Eastern history, with special attention to numismatic and epigraphical evidence

Malcolm S. Brown (US)
Plato and Greek mathematics

Diskin Clay (US)
Lucretius’ knowledge of Epicurean philosophy

Walter Leszl (Italy)
Aristotelian metaphysics

Gerhart Schneeweiss (Germany)
Ethical concepts governing the composition of Plutarch’s Lives

Kyriakos Tsantsanoglou (Greece)
An edition of new fragments of ancient authors in the Salonica manuscript of Photius

John Vaio (US)
An edition of Babrius

Ingomar Weiler (Austria)
The concept of the Agon in Greek mythology