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Jan Nicolaas Bremmer (Netherlands) University of Utrecht
Birth, maturity and death in Classical Greece; a study of the main rites of passage

Peter Hart Burian (US) Duke University
Structure and convention in Greek tragedy

Maria Dzielska (Poland) Jagiellonian University
Apollonius of Tyana; the ancient tradition

Richard Kraut (US) University of Illinois, Chicago Circle
Moral expertise in the philosophy of Socrates

Paul Anthony Rahe (US) Cornell University
The career of Lysander

Tessa Rajak (UK) University of Reading
The historian Flavius Josephus

Nicholas J. Richardson (UK) Merton College, Oxford
Ancient criticism and interpretation of the Homeric poems

Thomas Schwertfeger (Germany) Hamburg University
Studies in archaic Greek history


Walter Eder (Germany) Freie Universität Berlin
Lawgivers in archaic Greece

Christoph Eucken (Germany) Bern University
Isocrates, Plato and Aristotle

Paul David Kovacs (US) University of Virginia
A study of Euripides’ Heracles and Trojan Women

Thomas Martin (US) Harvard University
Demetrius Poliorcetes and the Greek mainland cities

Andrew Miller (US) University of Pittsburgh
The Homeric hymn to Apollo

Deborah Modrak (US) University of California at Riverside
Aristotle’s theory of perception

Nancy Rubin (US) University of Georgia at Athens
Studies on Homeric epic

Cynthia Shelmerdine (US) University of Texas at Austin
A cultural study of Mycenean society


Waltraut Desch (Austria) University of Graz
The gods in Euripidean drama

Kathy H. Eden (US) Columbia University
Legal procedure and tragic structure in Greek, Roman and Renaissance tragedy

Thomas J. Figueira (US) Rutgers University
The Aeginetan odes of Pindar

Lawrence J. Jost (US) University of Cincinnati
A detailed comparison of the treatments of agathon, eudaimonia, arete and philia in Aristotle’s Nicomachean and Eudemian Ethics

John N. Kazazis (Greece) University of Thessaloniki
Typical scenes in Apollonius Rhodius’ Argonautica

Robert D. Lamberton (US) Mt. Allison University
Neoplatonic allegorizing interpretations of Homer

James H. Lesher (US) University of Maryland
The Homeric concept of knowledge

Charles M. Reed (US) Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Maritime traders in the Hellenistic period


Julia E. Annas (UK) St. Hugh’s College, Oxford
Aristotle’s philosophical theory of perception

Glenn R. Bugh (US) Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
A study of the Athenian cavalry as an aristocratic social institution

Anne Carson (Canada) Princeton University
The Greek concept of Eros

Albio C. Cassio (Italy) University of Naples
Studies in Greek dialects and ancient dialectological research

James G. Lennox (Canada) University of Pittsburgh
Aristotle’s “philosophy of biology”

Alice S. Riginos (US) Howard University
The contribution of Alexandrian scholars development of ancient biography

Deborah H. Roberts (US) Haverford College
‘Endings’ in Greek tragedy: closure and narrative structure

Peter M. Smith (US) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Concepts of Time and Justice in archaic Greek poetry


Peter Bing (US) University of Pennsylvania
A commentary on Callimachus’ Hymn to Delos

Dorothea Frede (US) Rutgers University
Heraclitean Hedonism in Plato’s Philebus

Kevin H. Lee (Australia) University of Canterbury
A critical edition of Euripides’ Heracles

Mary M. A. Mackenzie (UK) University of Cambridge
A study of paradox in Greek thought

Sheila H. Murnaghan (US) Yale University
The hero in epic and tragedy (with particular reference to Aristotle’s Poetics)

Michael B. Poliakoff (US) Wellesley College
Coniliat sports in the ancient world

Frank E. Romer (US) Johns Hopkins University
The Politics of of Tyranny; Athens 640-336 B.C.

Simon R. Slings (Netherlands) Free University of Amsterdam
A critical edition of Plato’s 8th tetralogy


David Charles (UK) Oxford University
Aristotle’s Account of Meaning and Natural Kinds

Robert Garland (UK) University of Keele
The Piraeus from the 490’s to 86 B.C.

Anne H. Groton (US) St. Olaf College
Commentary on Menander’s Aspis

Arthur R. Madigan (US) Boston College
Greek Commentaries on Aristotle’s Metaphysics Gamma

Richard C. McKim (Canada) University of Texas, Austin
Plato’s early and middle dialogues

Hanna M. Roisman (Israel) Tel Aviv University
Study of the word kerdos in Greek literature

Joseph Roisman (Israel) Ben Gurion University in the Negev
The role and significance of information communication in Classical Greece

Susan C. Shelmerdine (US) University of North Carolina. Greensboro
Commentary on the Homeric Hymn to Hermes

Walter Stockert (Austria) Gymnasium für Mädchen
Commentary on Iphigenia at Aulis


Daniel Blickman (US) Brigham Young University
The origins of Greek teleological ethics

Robert Bracht Branham (US) Emory University
A literary study of Lucian’s satires

Helena Cichocka (Poland) University of Warsaw
The rhetorical tradition of Hermogenes

Anthony T. Edwards (US) University of Michigan
The country and the city from Homer through the fourth century B.C.

Enrico Livrea (Italy) University of Florence
Nonnos’ Paraphrase of St. John’s Gospel

Robert J. Mondi (US) Randolph-Macon Woman’s College
Hesiod’s use of mythic narratives

Georg Petzl (Germany) University of Cologne
Inscriptions of Lydia and Commagene

John A. Walsh (US) Princeton University
History of the Pentecontaëtia


Christopher K. Callanan (US) University of Göttingen
Middle Platonic and Neoplatonic commentaries on Plato

Michael Erler (Germany) University of Konstanz
Epicurus and Epicureanism

André Laks (France) University of Lille
Plato’s political philosophy

Adele C. Scafuro (US) Brown University
Herodotean influence on Hellenistic historiography

Theodore Scaltsas (Greece) University of Edinburgh
An Aristotelian theory of substance

Pauline Schmitt-Pantel (France) University of Paris
“Histoire des Moeurs”

Niall W. Slater (US) University of Southern California
Theatrical self-consciousness in Aristophanes

Mark Toher (US) Union College
Funeral laws in archaic Greek and Roman law codes


Osmund Bopearachchi (Sri Lanka) C.N.R.S., Paris
A numismatic and historical study of the Indo-Greeks

Thomas W. Gallant (US) University of Florida
Household and community in ancient Greece

Henry Mendell (US) California State University, Los Angeles
Aristotle’s philosophy of mathematics

Cynthia Patterson (US) Emory University
Patterns of membership in the polis before Aristotle

Hermann S. Schibli (Germany) Saint Anselm College
The descent of the soul in pagan and Christian antiquity

David Shive (US)
The unity of authorship of the Iliad and Odyssey

Allan Silverman (US) The Ohio State University
Plato on the separation of knowledge from belief

David Whitehead (UK) University of Manchester
Aineias the Tactician (translation, introduction, commentary)


Edwin M. Carawan (US) Southwest Missouri State University
Rhetoric and law in classical Athens

Andrew Ford (US) Princeton University
Criticism of poetry in fifth century Athens

Andrei V. Lebedev (USSR) Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences
The transmission of Greek physical doxography

Maria Jagoda Luzzatto (Italy) University of Florence
Aesop and the Aesopic logoi

Ian Morris (UK) University of Chicago
Economic growth and ideological change in Greek city states

Josiah Ober (US) Montana State University
Athenian critics of popular rule

Anthony W. Price (UK) University of York
Mental conflict, Aristotle’s Parva Naturalia

Maurice P. Rehm (US) Emory University
Marriage and funeral rituals in Greek tragedy