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Elizabeth Baughan (USA) University of Richmond (Short Term)
Couched in Death: Klinai and Identity in Anatolia and Beyond

Jose Gonzalez (Spain) Duke University (Academic Year)
The Homeric Hymns and the Development of Greek Lyric Traditions

Johannes Haubold (Germany) Durham University (Spring Semester)
Greece and Mesopotamia: dialogues in literature

Todd Hickey (USA) University of California-Berkeley (Fall Semester)
Reading the papyri of a priestly family: Social relations and cultural negotiation under Roman rule

Phillip Horky (USA) Durham University (Academic Year)
The City-State Commensurate: Plato and Pythagorean Political Philosophy

Regina Höschele (Germany) University of Toronto (Fall Semester)
Greek imperial epigram

Rachel Kousser (USA) Brooklyn College (Short Term)
Ancient iconoclasm: Destroying the power of images in Greece, 480-31 B.C.

Donald Lavigne (USA) Texas Tech University (Spring Semester)
Impossible Voices: Archaic Poetics and Archaic Epigram

Mariska Leunissen (Netherlands) Washington University in St. Louis (Academic Year)
The Physiology of Character in Aristotle

Nikolaos Papazarkadas (Greece) University of California-Berkeley (Spring Semester)
Law courts and judicial administration in Hellenistic Athens

Alexis Pinchard (France) Lycée Militaire d’Aix en Provence (Short Term)
Indo-iranian Myths and Phraseology in the Orphic Cosmogonic Poetry

Allen Romano (USA) Florida State University (Spring Semester)
Tragic ‘Homericity’ and Vocal Virtuosity: Text Mining Heroic Speech in Epic & Tragedy

Norman Sandridge (USA) Howard University (Short Term)
Loving Humanity, Learning, and Being Honored

Karin Schlapbach (Switzerland) University of Ottawa (Academic Year)
Conceptualizing dance and theater in the Roman imperial period

Claire Taylor (UK) Trinity College Dublin (Academic Year)
Wealth, poverty & social change in fourth-century Attica

Mark Usher (USA) University of Vermont (Short Term)
An African Oresteia/The Octavia and the East


Bryan Burns (USA) Wellesley College (Two Weeks)
Myth, Gender, and the Arts of the Bronze Age Aegean

Andrea Capra (Italy) Università degli Studi di Milano (Academic Year)
‘Harvesting Homer’: The Voice of Epic in Plato’s Dialogues

Cristina Carusi (Italy) Scuola Normale Superiore (Academic Year)
Public Building in Law and Economy of Classical Athens

Andrea Debiasi (Italy) University of Padua (Spring Semester)
Eumelus of Corinth: Toward a Commented Edition

Synnøve des Bouvrie (Norway) University of Tromsø (Two Weeks)
The Institution of the Warrior in Greek Tragedies

Sylvian Fachard (Switzerland) Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece (Academic Year)
The Borders of Attica

Jennifer Gates-Foster (USA) University of Texas at Austin (Academic Year)
Power Across Frontiers: Networks of Influence in Hellenistic Egypt

Reginald Gibbons (USA) Northwestern University (Two Weeks)
Translating the Poetics of Pindar

Edith Hall (UK) Royal Holloway, University of London (Two Weeks)
Classics and Industry in Britain and North America

Leopoldo Iribarren (Venezuela) Université de Paris-Sorbonne (Academic Year)
La Métaphore Technique dans les Cosmologies Grecques Archaïques

Diego Machuca (Argentina) Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET) (Two Weeks)
Can the Skeptic Search for Truth?

Sara Monoson (USA) Northwestern University (Two Weeks)
Classics and Industry in Britain and North America

Barbara Olsen (USA) Vassar College (Fall Semester)
Women in the Linear B Tablets from Knossos and Pylos

Alexandra Pappas (USA) University of Arkansas (Academic Year)
Graphic Art: Alphabetic Images in Ancient Greece

Ryan Platte (USA) Washington University in St. Louis (Spring Semester)
Equine Poetics

Andrea Rotstein (Israel) Tel Aviv University (Two Weeks)
The Making of Literary History in Ancient Greece

Tyler Jo Smith (USA) University of Virginia (Two Weeks)
The Art of Greek Religion: Object, Performance, Image

Kathryn Topper (USA) University of Washington (Fall Semester)
The Representation of the Exotic in Athenian Ritual Imagery

Matthew Waters (USA) University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (Two Weeks)
The Persica of Ctesias in its Near Eastern Context


K. Paul Bednarowski (USA) George Washington University (Two Weeks)
Marshaling Sympathies: Characterizing Indications in Greek Tragedy

Emiliano Buis (Argentina) Scientific and Technological Research National Council (Two Weeks)
Broken Justice: Politics and Poetics of Athenian Law in the Comic Fragments of Eupolis

Ilaria Bultrighini (Italy) “G. d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara (CHS/DAI Joint Fellow)
Coastalness and Inlandness in a Maritime Location of Ancient Greece: the Case of Attica

Stefano Caciagli (Italy/Switzerland) Università di Bologna (Fall Semester)
Greek Melic Poetry and Social Groups

David Carlisle (USA) Washington and Lee University (Two Weeks)
A Comprehensive Collaborative Online Commentary on the Cyropaedia and A Narratological Study of Authority in Early Prose Fiction

Anca Dan (France/Romania) Deutsches Archaeologisches Institut (Two Weeks)
Strabo?s Troad. Ancient Matters, Modern Issues

Ioannis Galanakis (Greece) University of Oxford (Fall Semester)
Tomb-Robbers, Art-Dealers and the Trafficking of Antiquities: Greek Archaeology under the First Archaeological Law, 1834-1899

Paulin Ismard (France) ANHIMA (Spring Semester)
Public Slavery in Classical and Hellenistic Cities

Sara Kaczko (Italy) University of Rome (Fall Semester)
Archaic and Classical Dedicatory Epigrams on Stone: Commentary with a Literary and Linguistic Study

Francesco Mambrini (Italy) Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (CHS/DAI Joint Fellow)
A Treebank of Thucydides, 1.89-118. Syntactic and Semantic Annotation for the Study of Event Structure

Consuelo Manetta (Italy) University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (Spring Semester)
Aspects of Social, Material and Votive Thracian Culture During the Late Classical and the Hellenistic Periods

Jim Marks (USA) University of Florida (Fall Semester)
Rethinking the Homeric Polis

Anna Marmodoro (Italy) University of Oxford (Two Weeks)
Worlds of Powers: the Bedrock of Reality in Ancient Thought

Peter Meineck (USA) New York University (Two Weeks)
A New Translation of Menander?s The Woman from Samos

Mariamaddalena Melfi (Italy) University of Oxford (Spring Semester)
Sanctuaries and Cult-places of Greece (146 BC- AD 14)

Francoise Mirguet (Belgium) Arizona State University (Spring Semester)
Emotions in Judeo-Hellenistic Narratives: Embodiment, Social Functions, and Identities

Arum Park (USA) Washington and Lee University (Two Weeks)
Truth, Genre, and Gender in Pindar and Aeschylus

Ioanna Patera (Greece) Max Weber Kolleg (Fall Semester)
Objects within Ritual. Interpretations of Ritual Practices in Ancient Greece

Henrique Modanez de Sant Anna (Brazil) University of Brasilia (Two Weeks)
Ideal Types of Hellenistic Kingship: the Application of a Model to an Ancient Reality

Charles Stocking (USA) University of Western Ontario (Spring Semester)
The Wisdom of Sport: A Critical Edition, Translation, and Commentary of Philostratus’ Peri Gymnastikas

Philip Venticinque (USA) Cornell College (Two Weeks)
Common Causes: Craftsmen, Merchants, and Communities in Roman and Late Roman Egypt

Eirene Visvardi (Greece) Wesleyan University (Fall Semester)
Dancing the Emotions: Pity and Fear in the Tragic Chorus

Barbara Witucki (USA) Utica College (Two Weeks)
Greek Tragedy and Vanity Fair

Mantha Zarmakoupi (Greece) University of Cologne (Spring Semester)
Urban growth on late Hellenistic Delos: the “Quartier du Stade”

Wei Zhang (China) Fudan University (Spring Semester)
The Poet as Educator: the Beginnings of Poetics in Ancient Greece and Ancient China


Emily Allen-Hornblower (France/USA) Rutgers University (Fall Semester)
Witnessing the Emotions: Emotional Response and Poetic Stance in Archaic and Classical Greek Literature and Society

Aurélie Carrara (France) Université de Rouen and UMR 5607 Ausonius, CNRS-Bordeaux (CHS/DAI Joint Fellow)
State, City-State and Tax System in the Ancient Greek World

Vanessa Cazzato (Italy/UK) Radboud University (Two Weeks)
Accounting for Variations in the Transmission of Greek Lyric Poetry

Joel Christensen (USA) The University of Texas at San Antonio (Two Weeks)
Homer’s Thebes: Epic Rivalries and the Appropriation of Mythical Pasts

Angela Cinalli (Italy) Sapienza, University of Rome (Spring Semester)
Ptanois Posin. Itinerant Men of Literacy and Music in the Epigraphic Sources of the Hellenistic Period

James Collins (USA) University of Southern California (Fall Semester)
Philosophy in the Marketplace: Commerce and Intellectual Exchange in Fourth-Century Athens

Nadia Coutsinas (France) UMR 7041, CNRS-Paris and CReA-Patrimoine, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Fall Semester)
Study of the Establishment of the City-States of Crete

Yurie Hong (USA) Gustavus Adolphus College (Two Weeks)
Birthing Bodies, Birthing Culture: Metaphor and Experience in Ancient Greek Culture

Yang Huang (China) Fudan University (Fall Semester)
Inventing the Barbarian in Ancient Greece and China

Mark Janse (Netherlands) Ghent University (Two Weeks)
A Historical and Dialectological Grammar of Modern Greek

Brian Joseph (USA) The Ohio State University (Two Weeks)
A Historical and Dialectological Grammar of Modern Greek

Anna Lamari (Greece) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Spring Semester)
Tragedy Reperformed: Evidence, Politics, Contexts in the Fifth and Fourth Centuries BC

Béatrice Lienemann (Germany/Switzerland) Goethe-Universitaet Frankfurt am Main (Fall Semester) 
Aristotle’s Theory of Responsibility

Emeline Marquis (France) Fondation Thiers (Spring Semester)
The Tyrant’s Point of View: Study of the Letters of Phalaris

Elena Martín González (Spain) Institute of Historical Research, National Hellenic Research Foundation (Spring Semester)
The Beginnings of Greek Prose. A Comparative Study of the First Epigraphic and Literary Prose Testimonies in the Greek World

Raquel Martin-Hernández (Spain) Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Fall Semester)
The Transmission of Magical Knowledge in a Multicultural Society. A Complete Study of PGM VII (P.Lond. 121).

Maria Pavlou (Cyprus) Open University of Cyprus (Spring Semester)
Pindaric Chronotopicity

Anne-Valérie Pont (France) Université Paris-Sorbonne/IUF (Two Weeks)
Public Speeches and Community Perspectives in the Cities of Asia Minor (235-337 A.D.)

Melina Tamiolaki (Greece) University of Crete (Spring Semester)
Leaders Don’t Cry? The Politics of Emotions in Xenophon

Christos Tsagalis (Greece) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Spring Semester)
Minor Greek Epic Poets: A Commentary

Maria G. Xanthou (Greece) Open University of Cyprus, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Two Weeks)
Stesichorus’ Women: Genealogy, Beauty and Heroic Motherhood

Juping Yang (China) Nankai University (CHS/DAI Joint Fellow)
Hellenistic Civilization and the Silk Road

Graciela Zecchin de Fasano (Argentina) Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Two Weeks)
How Have the Ancient Greeks Told Their Own History? Trojan War Between Myth and History from Homer to Tragedy


Seemee Ali (USA) Carthage College (Spring Semester)
The Reconciliation of Hera and Thetis in the Iliad

Kate Birney (USA) Wesleyan University (Spring Semester)
Alexander’s Ashkelon? Ashkelon/Ascalon During the Hellenistic Period

Christy Constantakopoulou (Greece) Birkbeck College (Spring Semester)
The Social Dynamics of Dedication: The Delian Inventories of the Third and Second Centuries

Madalina Dana (Romania) University Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne (Spring Semester)
Greek Letters on Lead and Ostraka: Edition and Commentary

Stefan Feuser (Germany) University of Rostock (Fall Semester)
The Urbanism of Port Cities in the Eastern Mediterranean from Hellenistic to Roman Imperial Times

Georgia Flouda (Greece) Heraklion Archaeological Museum (Fall Semester)
The Materialization of Burial Ideology in the Minoan Communities of Apesokari and Porti in the Mesara/Crete

Ryan C. Fowler (USA) Franklin and Marshall College (Fall Semester)
Atechnoi: Rumor and Silence in the Cappadocian Fathers (in collaboration with Alberto Quiroga Puertas)

Eric Kansa (USA) University of California, Berkeley (CHS/DAI Joint Fellow)
Data Sharing as Publication in Classical Archaeology

Sebastiana Nervegna (Italy/Canada) University of Sydney (Spring Semester)
Re-performing Classics: The Tragic Repertoire of Ancient Actors

Stephanie Paul (Belgium) University of Liege (CHS/DAI Joint Fellow)
Greek Pantheons in Motion: Re-evaluating the Concept of the ‘Patron Deity’

Zacharoula Petraki (Greece) Open University of Cyprus, University of Crete (Spring Semester)
The Representational Arts as Metaphors for Philosophical Speech in Plato’s Middle and Late Dialogues

Elizabeth Potter (UK) Oxford University (Fall Semester)
Rhetoric, Performance and Emotion in the Greco-Roman World

Alberto Quiroga-Puertas (Spain) University of Granada (Fall Semester)
Atechnoi: Rumor and Silence in the Cappadocian Fathers (in collaboration with Ryan C. Fowler)

Carlo Vessella (Italy) University of Glasgow (Fall Semester)
Sophisticated Speakers

Maria G. Xanthou (Greece) Open University of Cyprus, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Spring Semester)
Fear, Awe, Anger and Good Will: the Social and Cultural Construction of Fear (φόβος), Awe (δέος) and Anger (ὀργή) as Emotions in the Fifth and Fourth Century B.C.E. Political Scene


Peter Agócs (USA) University College London (Fall Semester)
Talking Song in Early Greek Poetry

Rodney Ast (USA) University of Heidelberg (Fall Semester)
Notaries, Clerks, and Hacks: The Many Writers of Greco-Roman Egypt

Francisco Barrenechea (Mexico) University of Maryland, College Park (Fall Semester)
New Gods, New Devotions: Religious Experience in Aristophanes’ Wealth

Joshua Billings (USA) Yale University (Fall Semester)
Enlightenment on Stage

Cédric Brélaz (Switzerland) University of Strasbourg (Spring Semester)
Greek Political Mentalities under Roman Imperial Rule

Naomi Carless Unwin (UK) Koç University (CHS/DAI Joint Fellow)
Practising Religion on the Interface: Religion and Society in Karia

Charles Doyen (Belgium) University of Louvain (Fall Semester)
Measuring, Counting, Paying: Metrological Systems, Monetary Standards, and Economic Structures in Hellenistic Greece

Paul Kosmin (UK) Harvard University (Spring Semester)
Seleucid Time: Imperial and Indigenous Temporalities in the Hellenistic East

Stavros Kouloumentas (Greece) Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin (Spring Semester)
The Sophistic Movement and the Criticism of Traditional Religion: Two Studies on Prodicus and the Sisyphus Fragment

Christopher Moore (USA) Pennsylvania State University (Spring Semester)
Calling Philosophers Names: The Origins of the Term ‘Philosophos’

Anne-Sophie Noel (France) Hisoma, Lyon (Spring Semester)
Feelings for Objects in Ancient Greece

Sven Schipporeit (Germany) University of Vienna (CHS/DAI Joint Fellow)
New Cities, New Gods? The Urban and Cultic Constitution of Synoicized Poleis in Late Classical and Early Hellenistic Times

Ioanna Sitaridou (Greece) University of Cambridge (Fall Semester)
The Evolution of Pontic Greek

Neel Smith (USA) College of the Holy Cross (Spring Semester)
A Computational System for the Study of Formulaic Language

Caroline Stark (USA) Howard University (Spring Semester)
Receptions in Black: An Online Open Resource for Black Classicism and Receptions of the Ancient Mediterranean in Black World Studies

Saro Wallace (UK) Independent Scholar (Non-residential)
Post-collapse Social Restructuring: The Radical Origins of the Polis in Crete


Joachim Aufderheide (Germany) King’s College London (Fall Semester)
Nicomachean Ethics X: Translation and Commentary

Nathan Badoud (Switzerland) Université de Fribourg (Spring Semester)
Rhodian amphora stamps. Historiography – Chronology – Function – Circulation

Chun Bai (China) Zhejiang University (Fall Semester)
A Comparative Study: The Cyclic View of Human Condition in Thucydides’ Archaeology (1.2-19) and Si Ma Qian’s Preface to Historical Records

Jan-Mathieu Carbon (Canada) University of Copenhagen (Spring Semester)
How Did the Greeks Butcher and Distribute Sacrificial Meat?

Stylianos Chronopoulos (Greece) University of Freiburg (Fall Semester)
Towards a Digital Edition of Pollux’ Onomasticon

Yannis Fappas (Greece) Archaeological Museum of Thebes, Greece (CHS Fellow in Greece)
Archaeology through Archives: The Archaeological Research in Boeotia through Original Historical Archives

Jason Harris (USA) Tulane University (CHS/DAI Joint Fellow)
Counselors, Confidants, and Courts: Relations Between Scholarly Mobility and Greek Politics in the 4th Century BC

Greta Hawes (New Zealand) Australian National University (Spring Semester)
Myth and Landscape in Pausanias’ Periegesis

Athena Kirk (USA) Cornell University (Fall Semester)
The Tally of Text: Catalogues and Inventories across Greek Literature and Epigraphy

Virginia Lewis (USA) Florida State University (Spring Semester)
Myth, Locality, and Identity in Pindar’s Sicilian Odes

Naoise Mac Sweeney (UK/Ireland) University of Leicester (Spring Semester)
When the Going Gets Rough: Cilicia Tracheia in the Archaic and Classical Periods

Michiel Meeusen (Belgium) British Academy (Spring Semester)
Between Seriousness & Play: Aristotelian Natural Problems & Imperial Culture

Maria Nasioula (Greece) Hellenic Ministry of Culture (CHS/DAI Joint Fellow)
A Dash of Literature into a Cup of Wine. The Inscriptions on Grammatika Vases

Nikolas Papadimitriou (Greece) Museum of Cycladic Art, Greece (Spring Semester)
The Cultural and Political Geography of Attica in the 2nd Millennium BC

Sebastian Scharff (Germany) Universität Mannheim (Fall Semester)
The Self-Representation of Hellenistic Athletes: Political, Social and Ethnic Identities

Joel Schlosser (USA) Bryn Mawr College (Fall Semester)
Why Social Scientists Should Read Herodotus

Zoe Stamatopoulou (Greece) Washington University in St. Louis (Fall Semester)
A Commentary on Plutarch’s “Symposium of the Seven Sages”


Richard Armstrong (USA) University of Houston (Spring Semester – 8 weeks)Companion to the Translation of Greek and Latin Epic in collaboration with Alexandra Lianeri

Mary Bachvarova (USA) Willamette University (Fall Semester – 4 weeks)
Calling the Gods: How Cult Practices Moved Across Space and Time in the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean

Klaas Bentein (Belgium) Ghent University (Fall Semester)
Language in Society: A Historical-Sociolinguistic Study of Everyday Writing in Roman and Byzantine Egypt (I – VIII AD)

Cecilie Brøns (Denmark) Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (Fall Semester)
Sensing the Ancient World: The Multiple Dimensions of Ancient Graeco-Roman Art

Miriam Clinton (USA) Rhodes College (Spring Semester – 8 weeks)The Minoan Modeling Project: 3D Modeling for a New Generation of Archaeological Publication

Francesca Dell’Oro (Switzerland/Italy) University of Lausanne (Spring Semester)The Others: Looking for Diversity in Euboean Linguistic Ecosystems

Chiara Ferella (Italy) Excellence Cluster Topoi (Fall Semester)
Dogmata, Rules, Prohibitions: A New Critical Edition and an Overall Investigation of the Pythagorean Symbola

Thomas Koentges (Germany) University of Leipzig (Fall Semester – 12 weeks) 
A Computational Exploration of the Corpus Platonicum and Its Influence on the Corpus of Ancient Greek Literature

Lena Lambrinou (Greece) Greek Ministry of Culture (CHS-DAI Joint Fellow)
Transformation of the Doric Architectural Style From the Classical Through Hellenistic and Roman Periods in Greece and Asia Minor

Jean Lempire (Belgium) University of Louvain (Spring Semester – 12 weeks)
“Ptolemaeus Byzantinus”: The Reception of Ptolemy’s Astronomy in the Byzantine World

Alexandra Lianeri (Greece) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Spring Semester – 8 weeks)
Companion to the Translation of Greek and Latin Epic in collaboration with Richard Armstrong

Laura Massetti (Italy) University of Cologne (Fall Semester)
Kestos Himas. Phraseology and Thematic Indo-European Inherited Structures in Greek Myth

Adrià Piñol-Villanueva (Spain) Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spring Semester)
Citizen and Foreigner in Archaic Greece: Access to Land, Justice and Cults

Catherine Pratt (USA) University of Western Ontario (Fall Semester)
Gift of Athena: Olive Oil and the Making of Athens

Kim Shelton (USA) University of California-Berkeley (Spring Semester)
Petsas House, Mycenae. The Excavation of a 14th Century BCE Residential and Industrial Complex: Pottery, Painting, and Pinakides

Anna Sitz (USA) University of Pennsylvania  (CHS-DAI Joint Fellow)
Inscribing Temples in Greece and Asia Minor: A Diachronic View

Mark Usher (USA) University of Vermont (Spring Semester – 4 weeks)
Cosmos to Commons: Systems and Sustainability in Classical Life and Thought

Irini Viltanioti (Greece) University of Leuven (Fall Semester)
Myth and Philosophy in Late Antique Neoplatonism: Porphyry of Tyre (c. 234-305)

Alex Walthall (USA) University of Texas at Austin (Fall Semester)
A Measured Harvest: Grain, Tithes, and Territories in Hellenistic and Roman Sicily (276-31 BCE)


Davide Amendola (Italy) Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa (Fall Semester)
The Eagle and the Owl: Athenian Legacies in Early Ptolemaic Alexandria

Lucia Athanassaki (Greece) University of Crete (Spring Semester)
Art and Politics in Euripides’ Plays

Nicolas Bertrand (France) University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (Spring Semester)
A Manual of Ancient Greek Word Order

Manon Brouillet (France) Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Spring Semester)
Epics and Ritual: Reconsidering Homeric Performance in Ancient Greece

Diane Cline (USA) George Washington University (Fall Semester)
The Connected World of Potters in Ancient Athens: Collaborations, Connoisseurship and Social Network Analysis with Eleni Hasaki

Alain Duplouy (Belgium) Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (Fall Semester – 6 weeks)
Epimenides the Cretan: A History of Athens (6th-5th c. BC)

Benjamin Earley (UK) Freie Universität Berlin (Fall Semester)
The Thucydidean Turn: (Re)interpreting Thucydides’ Political Thought Before, During, and After the Great War

Eleni Hasaki (USA/Greece) University of Arizona (Fall Semester)
The Connected World of Potters in Ancient Athens: Collaborations, Connoisseurship and Social Network Analysis with Diane Cline

Marina Kotzamani (Greece) University of the Peloponnese (Non-residential)
Lysistrata on Stage and on the Street. Aristophanes, Popular Theater and Politics from the French Revolution to the Age of the Web

Katerina Ladianou (Greece) University of Athens (Spring Semester)
Representations of Cult in Euripides

Christoph Lundgreen (Germany) Technische Universität Dresden (Fall Semester – 6 weeks)
Dimensions of Staatlichkeit in the Early Greek World

Timothy Moore (USA) Washington University in St. Louis (Spring Semester – 8 weeks)
Unheard Melodies: Music and Meaning in Ancient Greek and Roman Theater

Attila Németh (Hungary) Eötvös Loránd University (Spring Semester – 8 weeks)
The Literary Self in Roman Philosophy

Jessica Paga (USA) The College of William & Mary (Fall Semester)
The Construction of Athenian Democracy and The Causal Efficacy of Political Architecture

Kostas Paschalidis (Greece) National Archaeological Museum, Athens (Spring Semester – 4 weeks)
From Grave Circle A to the Hellenistic Theater: The Birth of Agamemnon’s Legend on the West Slope of Mycenae

Bryan Reece (USA) University of Toronto (Fall Semester)
Aristotle on Happiness, Virtue, and Wisdom

Heather Reid (USA) Morningside College (Fall Semester – 4 weeks)
The Ethics of Epinician: Athletic Celebration as Moral Education in Pre-Classical Greece

Marijana Ricl (Serbia) University of Belgrade (Fall Semester – 8 weeks)
A New Corpus of Greek and Latin Inscriptions from the Kaystros River Valley in Southern Lydia

Joshua Smith (USA) Johns Hopkins University (Non-residential)
Homer in the Margins: Literary Citation and the Ancient Commentary

Georgia Tsouni (Greece) Universität Bern (Spring Semester – 4 weeks)
Reasonable Citizens and the Defense of Moderate Democracy in Aristotle’s Politics

Roger Woodard (USA) University of Buffalo (Fall Semester – 4 weeks)
Aeolian Origins

Jed Wyrick (USA) California State University, Chico (4 weeks)
Artapanus and the Early Ptolemaic Court


Simona Aimar (Italy) University College London (Fall Semester)
Aristotle on Modality

Carol Atack (UK) University of Oxford (Spring Semester – 4 weeks)
Xenophon on Liberality and Freedom: Ancient Aristocratic Values and Contemporary Inequalities

Robert Cioffi (USA) Bard College (Spring Semester)
Narrating the Marvelous: The Greek Novel and the Ancient Ethnographic Imagination

Aileen Das (USA, UK) University of Michigan (Fall Semester)
The Art in Brief: Time and Exegesis in Greco-Roman and Islamicate Medicine

Riccardo Ginevra (Italy) University of Cologne (Spring Semester)
The Poetics of Distress: Indo-European Phraseology and Themes in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Theodora Jim (UK) University of Nottingham (Spring Semester – 8 weeks)
This-World Salvation: Soteria and Savior Gods in Ancient Greece

Yannis Kalliontzis (Greece) Ecole Française d’Athènes (Fall Semester)
The Shrine of the Valley of the Muses: An Archaeological, Historical and Literary Topos Revisited

K. Scarlett Kingsley (USA) Agnes Scott College (Spring Semester – 12 weeks)
The End of the Histories: Land, Wealth, and Empire in Herodotus in collaboration with Timothy Rood

Amy Lather (USA) Wake Forest University (Fall Semester – 4 weeks)
Matters of the Mind: Materiality and Aesthetics in Ancient Greek Thought

Evi Margaritis (Cyprus) The Cyprus Institute (Fall Semester – 12 weeks)
Agriculture and Subsistence Practices in the Dawn of Urbanisation of Europe: The Cyclades in the Early Bronze Age

Domenico Giuseppe Muscianisi (Italy) IULM University – Milan (Spring Semester)
The Rhythm of Greek Oral Poetry: Prosody, Accentual Groups and Metrical Anomalies

Peter O’Connell (USA) The University of Georgia (Spring Semester)
The Rhetoric of Finance in Classical Athens

Manuela Pellegrino (Italy) Smithsonian Institution (Fall Semester – 8 weeks)
The Legacy of Ancient Greek Ideals at Times of Environmental Crisis: Heritage, Democracy and Art in Southern Italy and Greece

Rachele Pierini (Italy) University of Bologna (Fall Semester)
New Features in Old Texts. A Diachronic Study of Linear B Tablets from the Room of the Chariot Tablets at Knossos to the Odos Pelopidou at Thebes

Timothy Rood (UK) University of Oxford (Spring Semester – 4 weeks)
The End of the Histories: Land, Wealth, and Empire in Herodotus in collaboration with K. Scarlett Kingsley

Emilio Rosamilia (Italy) Independent Researcher (Fall Semester)
Silver Cups from Cyrene: between Royal Gifts and Numismatic Implications

Matthew Simonton (USA) Arizona State University (Spring Semester)
Watchdogs of the People: Demagogues and Popular Culture in Ancient Greece

Yvona Trnka-Amrhein (USA) University of Colorado, Boulder (Spring Semester – 12 weeks)
Portraits of a Pharaoh: The Sesostris Tradition in Ancient Literature and Culture

Konstantinos Vlassopoulos (Greece) University of Crete (Spring Semester – 8 weeks)
Ancient Slavery: A Sourcebook

Erika Weiberg (USA) Florida State University (Spring Semester)
Married to War: Wives of Returning Veterans in Classical Athenian Drama