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Patricia Kenig Curd (US) Purdue University
The influence of Parmenides and Heraclitus on Plato

Eyjólfur Kjalar Emilsson (Iceland) The University of Iceland
Plotinus, Ennead VI 4-5 (English translation and commentary)

Michael A. Flower (US) Franklin and Marshall College
Theopompus of Chios and fourth-century historiography

Geneviève Hoffmann (France) University of Reims
Maiden and woman in Athenian society

Steven H. Lonsdale (US) Davidson College
Dance and ritual play in Greek religion

Irad Malkin (Israel) Tel Aviv University
Myths and cults as validations of colonization

Emmanuel Voutiras (Greece) University of Thessaloniki
The cults of ancient Macedonia

Roslyn Weiss (US) University of Delaware
Impediments to the teachability of virtue in Plato


Mary Whitlock Blundell (UK) University of Washington
Plato’s use of characterization

Carlo Brillante (Italy) University of Venice
Poetry and poetic inspiration in archaic Greece

Diana Delia (US) Texas A&M University
Social and political history of Alexandria

Christopher A. Faraone (US) Virginia Polytechnic Institute/State University
Erotic magic in ancient Greece

Karl-Joachim Hölkeskamp (Germany) University of Cambridge
Arbitrators, lawgivers, written law in archaic Greece

Lisa Kallet-Marx (US) Swarthmore College
Thucydides and Athenian finances

Andrei A. Rossius (USSR) Moscow State University
The Corpus Arateum (an analysis of Aratus’ Phaenomena)

Peter Simpson (UK) College of Staten Island, CUNY
A philosophical commentary on Aristotle’s Politics


Egbert J. Bakker (Netherlands) Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences & Arts
Homeric diction as “special speech”

Paula Gottlieb (UK) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Aristotle on the unity of the virtues

Lutz Käppel (Germany) University of Tübingen
A commentary on Aeschylus’ Eumenides

Nikolai N. Kazansky (Russa) St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics
Reconstruction of Mycenaean texts on the basis of Homeric epic

Constance C. Meinwald (US) University of Illinois at Chicago
Plato’s late dialogues: the Philebus

Mark H. Munn (US) Stanford University
Athens at war with Sparta, 403-371 B.C.

Ian Rutherford (UK) Harvard University
Theoria in classical Greek religion, literature, and social history

J.M. van Ophuijsen (Netherlands) University of Leiden
History of topics and dialectic from Aristotle to Boethius


Harry R. Barnes (US) University of Texas, San Antonio
Colon, Formula, and Phrase Patterning in Greek Poetry

Eric G. Csapo (Canada) University of Toronto
Character and Narrative in Ancient Drama: A Diachronic Approach

Mary J. Depew (US) University of Iowa
Myth, Mimesis, and Innovation in Callimachus’ Hymns

Julia Heskel (US) Yale University
The Foreign Policy of Philip of Macedon

Ahuvia Kahane (Israel) Oxford University
Literary Function and Formal Properties in Epic Texts

Vanda Kazanskiene (Lithuania) University of St. Petersburg
Social-Political History of Mycenaean Greece

Robin N. Mitchell (US) Temple University
Euripidean Drama and the Foundation of Culture

Dirk Obbink (US) Barnard College, Columbia University
Hymn, Cult and Genre

Dmitri V. Panchenko (Russia) Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg
The discovery of the sphericity of the earth by the Greeks

Harvey E. Yunis (US) Rice University
To Instruct and Persuade: Rhetoric and Political Theory in Classical Athens


Richard Arnot Belt (UK) Johns Hopkins University
Sextus Empiricus, Against the Ethicists: Translation and Commentary

István Bodnár (Hungary) Eötvös University
Sphairopoiia: Homocentric Spheres and Unmoved Mover(s)

Christoph Konrad (Germany) University of Colorado, Boulder
Plutarch’s Rome: Institutions and Society of the Republic

William Loomis (US) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Economic History of Classical Athens

Margaret Miller (Canada) University of Toronto
Athens and Persia in the Fifth Century B.C: A Study in Cultural Receptivity

Donald Morrison (US) Rice University
The Good of the City in Classical Political Philosophy

S. Douglas Olson (US) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Stories and Storytelling in Homer’s Odyssey, and a New Critical Text of Aristophanes’ Pax

Juha Sihvola (Finland) University of Helsinki
Aristotle’s Politics and the Possibility of the Good Life

Ineke Sluiter (Netherlands) Vrije Universiteit
The Philological Paradigm in Antiquity

Rosalind Thomas (UK) University of London
Herodotus the Sophist? Herodotus’ Histories and the Sophistic and Early Ionian Medical Writers


Gianfranco Agosti (Italy) Università di Firenze
Tradition and Innovation in the Poetic Language of Late Antiquity

Carla Antonaccio (US) University of Chicago
Post-Colonial Sicily: The Case of Morgantina

Christopher Bobonich (US) University of Chicago
Utopia Refigured: The Ethical and Political Philosophy of Plato’s Laws

Stephen Lambert (UK) Oxford University
Attic Phratry Subgroups

Kathryn Morgan (Canada) Ohio State University
Mythological Philosophers

Emidio Spinelli (Italy) Università di Eoma
Sextus Empiricus, Outlines of Scepticism: Translation, Introduction, and Commentary.

Lukas Thommen (Switzerland) Universität Basel
Lakedaimonion politeia. The Origins of the Spartan Constitution.

Stephen Todd (UK) University of Keele
Commentary on Lysias

Christian Wildberg (Germany) Freie Universität Berlin
Critique and Epiphany: Gods in the Dramas of Euripides

Leonid Zhmud (Russia) Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg
Origin of Ancient Greek Historiography of Science


Han Baltussen (Netherlands) Utrecht University
Theophrastus’ Physics in Doxographical Perspective

Andrea Berlin (US) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The Material Elements of the Hellenistic Koine

Helma Dik (Netherlands) University of Amsterdam
Verse Structure and Clause Structure in Greek Drama

Askold Ivantchik (Russia) Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
The Greeks and Iranian Nomads in the 8th-5th Centuries B.C Literary Tradition and Historical Reality

Paul Keyser (US) Cornell University
Unravelingthe Noose of Words: Control Experiments and the Problem of Stylistics

Peter Lautner (Hungary) Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest
Phantasia and Memory in the Late Neoplatonists

Deborah Lyons (US) University of Rochester
The Economics of Gender: Women and Exchange in Ancient Greece

Stefan Merkle (Germany) University of Munich
Babrios’ “Mythiamboi”

Sarah Peirce (US) Fordham University
Thysia and Offering Ritual in Attic Tragedy

Charles Brian Rose (US) University of Cincinnati
The History and Archaeology of Troy in the Greek, Roman and Byzantine Periods


Erwin Cook (US) University of Texas at Austin
The Plot of the Odyssey

Ann Kuttner (US) University of Pennsylvania
Pergamon’s Influence on Roman Art and Culture

Alessandro Linguiti (Italy) University of Milan
Plotinus on Happiness and Time: A Commentary on Ennead I 5

David Martinez (US) University of Texas at Austin
Ancient Greek Papyri in the University of Texas Collection

Elizabeth Meyer (US) University of Virginia
Manumission and the Evolution of Slavery in Greece, 700 B.C. – A.D. 350

Daniel Ogden (UK) University of Wales
Greek and Roman necromancy

Jonathan Price (US/Israel) University of Tel Aviv
A Commentary on Appian, Civil Wars II

Sara Rappe (US) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Damascius’ Doubts and Solutions Concerning First Principles: Philosophy at the End of an Epoch

Marijana Ricl (Yugoslavia) University of Belgrade
Religious Life in Graeco-Roman Lydia and Phrygia

Yun Lee Too (Canada/UK) University of Liverpool
Commentary on Isocrates’ Antidosis


Timothy Boyd (US) College of the Holy Cross
From Rhapsode to Reader

Victor Caston (US) Brown University
The Problem of Intentionality in Ancient Philosophy

Paola Ceccarelli (Italy) Università dell’Aquila
Insularity in Ancient Greece: Political and Cultural Aspects

Jonathan Hall (UK) University of Chicago
The Historical Context of Greek Ethnicities

Thomas Johansen (Denmark) University of Bristol
Plato’s Physics: A Study of Plato’s Timaeus

Sergei Karpyuk (Russia) Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
The Role of Unorganized Mass Gatherings in the Political Life of Ancient Greece

Franziska Lang (Germany) Universität Münster
Stratike – The Biography of a Landscape

Astrid Möller (Germany) Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
The Invention and Use of Name Lists. A Study in Greek Chronography and Horography

Helen Morales (UK) University of Reading
The Poetics and Politics of Musaeus’ Hero and Leander

David Rosenbloom (US) Victoria University
Tyrants and Peasants in Performance: Tragedy, Comedy, and the Culture of Athenian Imperialism

Dominic Scott (UK) Cambridge University
Commentary on Plato’s Meno

Hans van Wees (Netherlands) University College London
A Social History of Archaic Greece

Victoria Wohl (US) Ohio State University
Love Among the Ruins: The Erotics of Democracy in Classical Athens


Chloe Balla (Greece) College Year in Athens
Isocrates in the context of Fifth- and Fourth-Century Philosophy

Marcelo Diego Boeri (Argentina) Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones
Aristotelian Mediation in the Stoic Reception of Socratic Ethics

Christina Anne Clark (US) Bowdoin College
Paler than Grass: Nonverbal Communication in Archaic Greek Poetry

Gabriele Costa (Italy) University of Tübingen
gt; The Language of the Preplatonic Thinkers

John Gibert (US) University of Colorado at Boulder
Euripides’ Ion: Text and commentary

Dean Hammer (US) Franklin and Marshall College
The Iliad as Politics

Peter Alan Hunt (US) Davidson College
War Oratory in Fourth-Century Athens

Mi-Kyoung Mitzi Lee (US) University of Illinois at Chicago
Protagoras and the Development of Early Greek Epistemology

J. E. Lendon (Canada) University of Virginia
Sparta and her Foreign Relations

John M. Marincola (US) American Philological Association
Herodotus Book IX: A Literary and Narratological Study

Christian Jochen Paul Mileta (Germany) Freie Universität Berlin
The King and his Land: Investigations of Rule and Administration in the Interior of Hellenistic Asia Minor

James Romm (US) Fordham University
Ancient Greek Views of India and their Influence on the Middle Ages and Renaissance