Glimpses of the 2017 Harvard Summer Program in Greece

Harvard University’s Comparative Cultural Studies Seminar in Greece (Harvard Summer Program in Greece) came to an end on July 30, 2017. It is the oldest and one of the most successful Harvard study-abroad programs and it has been running for sixteen consecutive years. The program lasts for five weeks and is divided between Nafplio and Thessaloniki with one- or two- day excursions to Olympia, Athens, Kastoria, and Spetses. Twenty-five students formed this year’s group, nineteen from Harvard, one from New York University, one from George Washington University, one from Fudan University in China and three from University of Patras.
The Comparative Cultural Studies Seminar is interdisciplinary, combining historical, literary, philosophical, and linguistic approaches to cultural exchange. The pedagogical model is interactive and research-driven, with several faculty members and students exchanging ideas around the seminar table, making it a real laboratory for comparative and collaborative thinking. This year’s program focused on “People and Ideas on the Move in the Eastern Mediterranean, Antiquity to the Present”). During the first four weeks the students attended eight interrelated seminars offered by nine professors from Harvard and other Universities, while during the fifth week they prepared their final paper.
The Center for Hellenic Studies is pleased to introduce the 2017 team in the following video:

The Center for Hellenic Studies implements and coordinates this program every year, by offering, among others, research fellowships to Greek Universities’ junior faculty members (lecturers, assistant professors) who participate in the program as Fellows, presenting their research and interacting with colleagues and students from the US and all around the world. The 2017 CHS-CCS Fellows are Demetrios Kyritses from the University of Crete and Anna Rosenberg from the Kapodistrian University of Athens. In addition, the Center for Hellenic Studies generously supports and enables the program to further enhance the diversity of its student body and its cross-cultural focus through competitive scholarships, awarded annually to participating students from Greece and China.