Homer Multitext Seminar at the CHS in Washington DC

Guest post by Stephanie Lindeborg
The Homer Multitext seminar, running from June 24 to July 5 at the CHS campus in Washington, will introduce the participants to the work of the Homer Multitext project. Our focus this year will be on Iliad 17 in two early manuscripts of the Iliad, the Venetus B, and the Upsilon 1.1 manuscript from the Escorial Library. Participants will work in teams of 2-3 student and faculty members to contribute to the first complete edition of the scholia from these two manuscripts.
All participants will contribute to the major collective effort to produce the HMT project’s “total edition” of Iliad 17 in the the “twin” manuscripts, a scholarly diplomatic edition of the Iliad text, the accompanying scholia (or scholarly notes) on the text, and all other features we find in the manuscript. With a little good fortune, we should edit a substantial part of Iliad 17 while we are together in Washington.
In addition, individual groups will also work on a presentation to the rest of the seminar on one interesting research result from their editorial work.
The seminar will introduce participants to the oral origins of Homeric poetry, and to the historical transmission of the Homeric poems. We will see how that historical transmission leads to a multitextual perspective on the Iliad, and to the conclusion that in 2019 only a digital multitext can fully express a multitextual archive. For more on Iliad 17, read our latest post on the text (https://www.homermultitext.org/commentary/2019-06-18-summer-seminar/).
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