Homer & the Papyri: Acknowledgements


The editors of Homer and the Papyri would like to thank the following people for their contributions:

  • Isabella Andorlini
  • Thomas Kruse
  • John Lundon
  • Cecilia Saerens
  • Giuseppe Ucciardello
  • Martin West

Acknowledgements From Previous Edition

Professor Dana Sutton would like to thank the following for supplying him with various forms of information, advice, and assistance:

  • Dr. Graeme D. Bird (thanks for all the proofreading help)
  • Professor Theodore F. Brunner
  • Professor Traianos Gagos
  • Professor Michael Haslam
  • Mr. (?) W. B. Henry
  • Professor Richard Janko
  • Professor William Johnson
  • Mr. Al Kriman
  • Professor Kathleen McNamee
  • Dr. Dominic Montserrat
  • Mr. Alex Moratorio
  • Mr Paul Naiditch
  • Professor James O’Donnell
  • Professor Zola Packmann
  • Professor Maria Pantelia
  • Sig. Filippo Ronconi
  • Professor G. Schwendner
  • Mr. Karl A. Squitier
  • Dr. M. L. West (most of all)
  • Professor William H. Willis

He is grateful to the superintendants of the Duke University papyrological Web site for permission to include variants in unpublished papyri they publish.