Internship Funding Sources 2010

Funding Sources for the CHS Summer Programs

The two main funding options for the CHS summer programs this year are CHS funding and Rockefeller funding. When applying to CHS summer programs, students are also applying for funding through the CHS at the same time. However, the CHS still needs students to fill out a CARAT sheet with the OIP so that they will have the funding information for their records, should you be accepted into one of our programs. A Rockefeller grant through Harvard University requires a student to spend at least 8 weeks abroad. We strongly encourage you to apply for the David Rockfeller International Experience Grant.

CARAT Sheet Instructions

When applying through the CARAT system for funding for either summer program, please use the “Center for Hellenic Studies Summer Internship in Greece” funding source and then indicate to which program you are applying.

The CHS has created sample budget worksheets (one for the internship program and one for Kenchreai) that students can use when completing the budget portion of the CARAT sheet. The budget worksheet for the internship program contains two separate budget options – one for 5 weeks and one for 9 weeks.

More Information About CHS Funding

Summer Internship Program

Students apply for funding from the CHS by applying to our Summer Internship Program in Nafplio, Greece. The funding includes all program fees, plus a grant check to cover some of the costs of airfare and travel. Even though students apply for the funding by applying to the program, students still have to complete a CARAT budget worksheet. NOTE: Students may also apply for an OIP Summer Grant to cover additional incidental expenses associated with their travel to Greece.

For this option, use this budget sheet.

Kenchreai Summer Program

You may apply for a scholarship from the CHS to the Kenchreai Dig. The Kenchreai Dig funding covers the program fees (includes lodging and most meals) and a travel grant of $1300.00, but not incidentals. If you wish to apply for CHS funding for the 5 week archaeological dig, you still must complete a CARAT budget worksheet.

For this option, use this budget sheet.