Internships in Greece | CHS interns talk about their experience

Summer Internship Program in Nafplion | May 24-June 26

The Summer Internship Program in Nafplion, organized and hosted by the Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS) concluded its first phase on Friday, June 26.

The students, all scholarship recipients from CHS, worked for the following institutions: Semiramis Sofra (University of Ioannina) and Veronica Wickline (Harvard) in the Archaeological Museum of Nafplion, Eleni Samantzopoulou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) in the National Gallery, Nafplion Annex, Christos Derventlis (Democritus University of Thrace) and Alex Young (Harvard) in the European Information Center – Europe Direct Nafplio, Polyxeni Saat (Ionion University) and Joshua Allbright (Boston University) in Anthos Library of Fougaro Cultural Complex and Anastasia Kazteridis (Georgetown) and Dimitris Pavlidis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) in the Municipal Organization of Culture, Environment, Sports and Tourism (DOPPAT).

In addition to the internships, the participants had the chance to visit sites of the Argolid and Athens during educational trips. Moreover, they met with academics and professionals from their field of studies, aiming to enhance their professional development.  The next meeting with the students, the coordinators and the professors will take place in Washington, DC, U.S.A. in October 2015, where the program will be concluded. As this first phase was completed, the students shared some of their thoughts on the internship experience.

“The Center for Hellenic Studies’ Summer Internship Program was the most enriching and intellectually stimulating experience I have ever had. My internship this summer allowed me to assimilate myself into Greek culture and do very meaningful work that helped me grow as a student and as an academic. I was given the ability to work with brilliant students, professors and supervisors and have meaningful conversations about very timely topics. The experience I had and the friends I made will stay with me forever!” Anastasia Kazteridis

“This program offered me four things. First, we met useful people, with knowledge and experience. They gave us suggestions and ideas for the future, but also showed us how american education works and how different it is from what we knew until now. Second, i became familiar with another aspect of my field of studies. My supervisor and i had long discussions and she solved many questions i had according to what follows after the degree. Third, i had the chance to live and work with american students. This is maybe the most important thing. Except from practicing my english skills, i made friends and exchanged points of view with people of my age, but from a different culture. Also, i had the chance to see many places in South Greece that i had never visited before. Professors but also students with historical knowledge helped me appreciate more the archeological sites we visited! Thank you for that!” Eleni Samantzopoulou

“From my time as an intern at Europe Direct, I gained a better understanding of the ‘microphysics’ of the European Union and a perspective on the way the EU operates at small scales in local communities. My internship was also the perfect point of departure for the research I have been conducting toward my senior thesis on the way communication about the EU happens and its role in creating a sense of European citizenship.” Alex Young

Greek interns 2015

“The CHS Summer Internship Program in Nafplio, Greece didn’t provide me only with an outstanding working experience for my resume, but mainly gave me the chance to review and to broaden my personal and educational horizons by exposing myself in a different way of thinking and by meeting an amazing group of worthy people of different backgrounds, experiences and cultures. It was definitely a life-changing opportunity, which will accompany me throughout my life. Through my internship and the extracurricular activities I learned to be self-independent and efficient, more confident about myself and my capabilities, to work and to rely on my fellow co-interns and to respect the cultural and individual diversities among my colleagues.” Dimitris Pavlidis

“I learned how to participate in a team, how to live with other strange people and how to behave in a multicultural company. I studied and understood better the ancient Argolis and especially the misunderstanding Nafplio city. Last but not least, I had the opportunity to negotiate with my supervisor about our work in the company.” Semiramis Sofra

“It was an experience that I feel blessed for having the opportunity to be part of. This program gave me the priceless chance to work in an environment similar to the one I plan for the future. I developed my program management skills, how to implement and assess but most of all I could work on my interpersonal skills. All in all, it was an unforgettable experience and I cannot wait for the second part of the program, which will take place in Washington DC in October 2015.” Christos Derventlis

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