Kosmos Society Book Club | Aristotle Poetics

Our first Book Club selection for the year is a selection from Aristotle’s Poetics.
We will all read from 1447a to 1454b, which is about half the book, and you can read as much more of it as you wish.
You can read any translation you like. Here are links to free translations online:
Translation by W.H. Fyfe, on Perseus
Translation by S.H. Butcher
http://classics.mit.edu/Aristotle/poetics.html or
Translations/commentaries by Gregory Nagy at Classical Inquiries:
2015.11.27. “Aristotle’s Poetics, translation and commentary in progress, Chapter 1″.
2016.01.21. “Aristotle’s Poetics, translation and commentary in progress, Chapter 2″.
2016.01.28 “Aristotle’s Poetics, translation and commentary in progress, Chapter 3″.
2016.02.04. “Aristotle’s Poetics, translation and commentary in progress, Chapter 4″.
Discussion will start and continue in the CHS Kosmos Society forum, and we will meet online on Tuesday, January 28 at 11 a.m. EST. The link will be posted in the forum on the day.
Happy readings!