Kosmos Society Book Club | Lucian Dialogues of the Dead

This month’s Book Club selection is from Lucian, whose satirical dialogues poked fun at philosophers and mythological characters. CHS Kosmos Society members will be reading The Dialogues of the Dead; here is a selection of translations available free online:
Translation by H.W. & F.G. Fowler:
https://www.theoi.com/Text/LucianDialoguesDead1.html or
Translation by William Tooke: Dialogues of the Dead starts at (printed) page 191
Translation by Howard Williams: Dialogues of the Dead starts at (printed) page 86
Further works by Lucian:
For those who want to look at the original, the Greek text is available on Perseus:
Dialogue 13 is available in Greek with translation notes by William S. Annis:
The discussion will start and continue in the Kosmos Society Forum, and community members will meet via Google+ Hangout on Tuesday, February 27, at 11 a.m. EST.
Happy readings!