Librarians meet at SCS

Three members of the CHS team attended the annual meeting of the ClassicsLibrarians Forum during the SCS gathering last week: Programs Coordinator and Library Assistant Lanah Koele, Librarian for Acquisitions, Reference, and Visitor Relations Temple Wright, and Leonard Muellner, Director of IT and Publications. The group discussed possible strategies and procedures to facilitate and expand open unrestricted access to electronic Greek and Latin texts.  A new working group will explore project management scenarios.
Forum members will also share information and recommendations regarding vendors supplying resources published in Greece and Turkey.  Lanah wa selected Forum Secretary; her priorities will include developing the Forum website (hosted by the CHS) and its blog content.

 After the meeting, an informal round table group talked about increasing the visibility of open access books. Lanah, Lenny, Temple, and Claudia Filos participated.  The CHS will work to develop standards and best practices for distributing open access monographs, and for locating these resources more easily.