Delphic Oracle Spreadsheet

Lisa Raphals
For Greg Nagy
Greg, the debts I owe you I can only repay to my students and others. But please accept this tiny token as, not a pelanos, but a small token of thanks, birthday wishes, incredulity, and warm regards.
Yours, Lisa

Origin and Sources

This spreadsheet was developed as a practical and heuristic research aid to demystify generalizations about Delphic oracles – “the decline of oracles” especially – in the process of writing Divination and Prediction in Early China and Ancient Greece (Cambridge University Press, 2013). It has a limited purpose, and does not pretend to be complete. All errors are my own.
Contents are based on two compendia of Delphic oracles: Parke and Wormell (1956) and Fontenrose (1978). Parke and Wormell grouped oracles according to six historical periods, indicating within each oracles they considered fictitious or legendary. Fontenrose grouped oracle according to their purported authenticity as historical, quasi-historical, legendary, of fictitious.
In most cases the romanization of Fontenrose is used, except where the name is more familiar under a Latinate or other romanization.
The focus of the database is oracles considered by Fontenrose or Parke and Wormell to be historical or quasi-historical. Therefore, apparently legendary of fictitious oracles are not entered. This is not to say they should not be, if others care to develop this tool further.

The Headings

PW: Numbering according to Parke and Wormell (1956)
Font: Numbering according to Fontenrose (1978). Fontenrose grouped oracles as Historical, Quasi-Historical, Legendary, and Fictitious. This spreadsheet is primarily concerned with oracles Fontenrose classed as Historical or Quasi-Historical.
Consultor: Name or description of consultor(s), either explicit or inferred from oracle (NS = Not stated)
Topic: Question topic, either explicit or inferred from oracle. Includes response where useful.
Evidence: Source for oracle. Not complete for all entries.
Date: Date or date range of the oracle. All dates are BCE unless otherwise indicated. To facilitate sorting for queries, the following conventions are used:

+[date], e.g.+20, indicates CE date, e.g. 20 CE
[date] =, e.g. 340 =, indicates an exact date, e.g. 340 BCE
[date]c, e.g. 340c, indicates an approximate date (circa), e.g. ca. 340 BCE
[date]b, e.g. 340b, indicates a terminus pro quem, e.g. before 340 BCE
[date]a, e.g. 340a, indicates a terminus ante quem, e.g. after 340 BCE
[date], e.g. [340], for [], indicates oracles whose dates Fontenrose marked in brackets to indicate that he considered them not genuine.
? indicates an estimate.
[date]n = Fontenrose: not genuine
[date]p = Fontenrose: possibly genuine
[date]d = Fontenrose: doubtful
e[n] = early nth century, e.g. e3, early 3rd century
PW Period: Parke and Wormell classified oracles chronologically according to six periods:

1. to the end of the First Sacred War,
2. to the burning of the temple in 548 BCE,
3. 548-479, the end of the Persian War,
4. 479-431, the start of the Peloponnesian War,
5. 431-373, the destruction of the temple,
6. 373-300, the Aetolian occupation.
State: This column indicates origin of consultor, by polis, ethne or other group if applicable.
Type: Indicates type of query among the following types:
Public queries:

1. Government queries on planned ventures, including

rulership, tyranny, legislation, civil welfare
interstate relations
2. Warfare
3. Release from evils (lusis kakōn), including

military defeat
wellbeing (the opposite of lusis): how to prevent evils and maintain present prosperity.
4. Cult
Personal queries (in addition to the topics for public queries):

[contemplated] action
For further details and discussion see Raphals (2013).
F Type: Indicates Fontenrose’s classification of types. For details See Fontenrose 1978, Appendix B, pp. 438-440.
Personal: Boolean column indicating whether or not the query is personal. For use in searches comparing public and private queries.


[To search this table type Control + F. For Macs type Command +F.]
PW Font Consultor Topic Date PW period State type F. type personal
134 H03 Chaerophon of Athens Is anyone wiser than Socrates? 430b? 4 Athens h3 x
172 H11 Xenophon to what god to sacrifice re Cyrus exp 401= 5 Athens personal action 1b x
334 H34 a husband personal, for children 360c 7 personal domestic 3a x
340 H53 King Dropion of Paines personal?, dedicate statue 240c 7 Paines cult 1b x
457 H59 priest of Zeus at Palladion preparing a seat for Pallas at his own expense 31 – +14 8 Palladion cult 1b x
462 H62 Dion Chrysostomos on his course of life after exile +85 8 wellbeing 3d x
464 H63 priest of Herakles Misogynos absolution for violation of priestly vows +50-100c 8 Phocis wellbeing 1d x
465 H65 Emperor Hadrian Homer’s birthplace & parentage +117-138 8 other 3a x
473 H69 Amelios, Noe-Platonist where has soul of Plotinus gone +262 8 other 3c x
20 L002 Manto not stated [what she should do] 1 cult x
22 L003 King Aletes of Corinth settling at Corinth 1 Corinth personal action x
110 L004 King Aegeus on children 3 personal domestic x
111 L005 King Erginos on children 3 Orchomenos personal domestic x
234 L054 founders of Ephesus 5 Paros colony x
242 L059 a wealthy man 5 x
243 L059 a wealthy man 5 x
367 Q019 Aristomenes, Messenia loss of shield 680c] 7 Messenia war 3 1b x
368 Q021 King Damagetos of Ialysus need of a wife 665c] 7 Ialysus wellbeing 3b x
412 Q025 Hegestratus of Ephesus flight after murder, where to settle 600c] 7 Ephesus wellbeing 3h x
48 Q043 Timesias of Clazomenae 2 Clazomenae x
37 Q045 King Grinnos of Thera son’s illness — found a colony 650c] 2 Thera govt colony 2c x
39 Q047 King Battus of Thera murder (Cyrenean version) 640c] 2 Cyrene govt colony 2c x
71 Q047 King Battus I of Thera cure for speech impediment – colony 640c] 3 Thera govt colony 2c x
41 Q049 King Battus of Thera not stated (he colonized Plataea) 640-635c] 2 Thera govt colony 2c 3i x
Q051 King Battus of Thera fight or settle elsewhere 630c] Thera cult 2c x
231 Q056 Telesicles of Paros about his children 680c] 5 Paros progeny 3h x
245 Q075 Scythia or Sparta recognition for wisdom 592 or 556c] 5 Scythia or Sparta wellbeing 3g x
247/8 Q076 Milesians Ionians Coans award of found tripod 590c] 8 Miletus cult 3g x
423 Q077 Chilon of Sparta desire for knowledge 590c] 7 Sparta wellbeing 3j x
494 Q078 Mnesarchus of Samos commercial enterprise 540c] 8 Samos personal 3a x
35/36 Q092 Glaucus of Sparta request to seize a deposit 550c] 2 Sparta business 3j x
35 Q092A Glaucus of Sparta return of a deposit 550c] 2 Sparta business x
36 Q092B Glaucus of Sparta forgiveness 550c] 2 Sparta lusis x
244 Q097 King Gyges of Lydia anyone happier than himself? 680c] 5 Lydia wellbeing 3g x
50 Q098 King Alyattes of Lydia personal, illness 612-611] 2 Lydia lusis 3 1a x
55 Q102 Croesus on his son’s dumbness 550c] 2 Lydia lusis 3h x
249 Q104 Croesus on his children 5 Lydia progeny x
249 Q104 envoys of Croesus having sons 575c] 5 Lydia progeny 3a x
250 Q105 envoys of Croesus sons’ misfortunes, wellbeing 550c] 5 Lydia wellbeing 3j x
59 Q108 Aesop unknown 575c] 2 ? unknown 3d x
77 Q128 Leonymous of Croton cure for a malignant wound 580c] 3 Croton lusis 3e x
78 Q129 Phormion of Croton cure for a malignant wound 580c] 3 Croton lusis 3g x
418 Q159 father of Euripides future of son 481/0] 7 Athens wellbeing 3a x
107 Q160 Tisamenus children 480c] 3 Elea Sparta progeny 3e x
109 Q162 Polycrates of Samos how to find a treasure buried by Mardonius 479-478] 3 Samos business 3e x
120 Q179 Pindar via Boeotians what is best for mankind 445c] 4 wellbeing 3c x
173 Q199 Lysander unknown 395b] 5 Sparta ? 3h x
180 Q201 Diogenes whether to agree to falsify finances 380c] 5 Synope business 3e x
258 Q207 Epainimondas of Thebes personal, beware of sea 362b] 6 Thebes wellbeing 3h x
496 Q208 Aristotle personal, on philosophy 368/7] 8 Athens wellbeing 3d x
421 Q224 Zeno of Citium profession 315c] 7 Citium business 3j x
424 Q242 an Asian whether to move to Corinth ? 7 Asia residence 3j x
431 Q245 King Attalus I of Pergamon personal, unclear, wellbeing? 240b] 8 Pergamon wellbeing 2a x
435 Q248 Cicero his career 79 8 Rome business 3j x
461 Q251 Emperor Nero response: he should beware 73rd year wellbeing? +67 8 Rome wellbeing 3h 3c x
463 Q252 Galen should he become a physician +155c 8 Rome career 3d x
468 Q257 Diogenes, a father son’s love-sickness ? 8 unknown progeny 3e x
469 Q258 Themistocles, philosopher response; a good man, fortunate +228 8 unknown wellbeing 3g x
123 H01 Athenians public maintenance in prytaneion 440-430 4 Athens govt 2b
124 H02 Athens NS [on honoring Moirai, Zeus, Ge] 430-420 4 Athens cult 1b
136 H04 Epidamnians war with Illyria 433= 4 Epidamnians war 2e
137 H05 Spartans whether to make war on Athens 431= 4 Sparta war 2e
159 H06 Spartans foundation of Heracleia 426= 5 Spartans govt colony 2c
160 H07 Spartans not stated, bring back seed of Zeus son 427= 5 Spartans govt rule 2a
162 H08 Athenians misfortunes in battle, restore the Delians 421= 5 Athens war 2e
164 H09 Athenians on offering first fruits at Eleusis 421-415 5 Athens cult 1b
165 H10 Athenians on cult of Apollo, exegete to Athenians 420c 5 Athens cult 1d
174 H12 Xenophon tithe from for Artemis left with him 394= 5 Sparta cult 1a
175 H13 King Agesipolis of Sparta whether hosion to accept preemptive truce 388= 5 Sparta cult war 1d
177 H14 Parians authority to found a colony 385a 5 Paros govt colony 2c
178 H15 Clazomenae & Cumae who does god choose as possessor of Leuke 383a 5 Cumae & Clazomenae cult 1b
182 H16 Ionian league transfer Panionia to Ephesus area 373a 5 Ionians cult 1a
256 H17 Delphians Jason’s presiding at Pythian games 370= 6 Delphi cult 1d
259 H18 Callistratus of Athens after exile, will he obtain law in Athens 356c 6 Athens rule 2b
260 H19 Chalcidians & Philip of Macedon treaty between Chalcidike and Philip 356= 6 Chalkidike Macedon govt IR 2d
261 H20 Philomedes of Phocis Third Sacred War 355a 6 Phocis war 2e
262 H21 Athenians letting lands in Eleusinian orgas 352-351 6 Athens cult 1d
265 H22 unknown prodigies at Philip’s entry into war against Amphissa 340c 6 unknown war k
277 H23 Halieis appearance of sacred snake of Asclepius 320b 6 cult 1a
278 H24 Athenians Demon’s house dedicated to Asclepius 350c 6 cult 1a
279 H25 Isyllus the poet whether to compose a paean to Apollo 338-335 6 cult 1b
280 H26 Cyrene adoption of a code of ritual regulations 325c 6 Cyrene cult 1d
281 H27 Athens at Acharnia erection of altars of Athena & Ares 400-300 6 Athens cult 1a
282 H28 Athenians welfare and prosperity of state 348b 6 Athens wellbeing 1b
283 H29 Athenians what god to pray to, after portent, for wellbeing 340b 6 Athens wellbeing 1b
H30 Athenians probably a proposal to honor Pluto 330= Athens cult 1b
284 H31 Delphic Amphictyony work on temple 344-343 6 Delphic Amphictyony cult 1b
H32 Philodamus of Skarpheia sanction for composition of hymn 344-343 Delphic Amphictyony cult 1b
285 H33 Athenians proposal to improve kosmoi of goddess 335-334 6 Athens cult 1b
330 H35 Delphic Amphictyony whether to establish soteria after Gaul victory 275c 7 Delphic Amphictyony cult 1a
335 H36 Poseidonus of Halicarnassus personal, family welfare 250c? 7 Halicarnassus wellbeing 1b
336 H37 unknown sanction to honor Artemidorus 250c? 7 Thera? cult 1a
341 H38 Cyzicenes soteria festival for Kora Soteria 300 e3 7 Cyzicus cult 1d
342 H39 Cyzicenes decision to honor certain gods 200-100 7 Cyzicus cult 1b
343 H40 Cyzicenes decision to honor certain gods 200-100 7 Cyzicus cult 1d
344 H41 Tenus honors to Poseidon 250c 7 Tenus cult 1d
345 H42 Smyrna whether to declare city and Aphrodite Sanctuary asylon\ 246 or 242 7 Smyrna cult 1d
346 H43 Antichus of Chrysaoreis declaring city asylon 210-200 7 Chrysaoreis cult 1d
H44 Erythrai whether to establish cults of several gods 250b Erythrai cult 1a
347 H45 Magnesia-on-Maeander establish festival in honor of Artemis 221-220 7 Magnesia-on-Maeander cult 1a
348 H46 Teos to declare the city asylon 201= 7 Teos cult 1d
351 H47 Eretrians legislation voted by demos 210-200 7 Eretria govt 2b
354 H48 Rome which god after defeats in 2nd Punic War 216= 7 Rome cult war 1b
H49 Anthister association ? 210-200 Thera? cult 1a
426 H50 Rhodian garrison on Tenos sacrifice to various gods 177c 8 Rhodes cult 1b
416 H51 Dionysios cult 176/5 7 Piraeus cult 1b
349 H52 Hellespont Dionysiast society asylia of Dionysiac artists 176b 7 Teos? cult 1d
427 H54 Timotheus of Anaphe building a temple of Aphrodite 110-100 8 Anaphe cult 1a
428 H55 Romans omens 190n 8 Rome war 2e
429 H56 Parians what god sacrifice for colony wellbeing 180c 8 Pharos wellbeing 1b
432 H57 Athenians Pythiad procession to Delphi to sacrifice 128b 8 Athens cult 1b
437 H58 Genos of Athens appointment of priest of Zeus 037-036 8 Athens cult 1d
459 H60 Parians foundation of a cult of Asclepius Soter +1-200 8 Paros cult 1a
460 H61 unknown unknown +1-100 8 cult? 1b
458 H64 Athenians send envoys to Dephi for ox sacrifice +100-199 8 Athens cult 1b
466 H66 Athenians sanctuary of Demeter +125 8 Athens cult 1a
467 H67 unknown appeasing Hera +190-200 8 unknown cult 1b
471 H68 Cleitosthenes of Tralles affliction of the land +250 8 Tralles cult 1a
601 H70 Romans? future of Honorius +384 8 2a
350 H71 Megara specification of asylia 200c 7 Megara cult 1d
H72 unknown unknown +100
176 H73 Tiribazus revolt against Artaxerxes 385a 5 Persia war 2e
H74 Mnesiepes on cult 350-325 Paros cult 1a
274 H75 Athenians refusal to pay fine for Olympic misconduct 332-330 6 Athens cult 1d
130 Insc.Did.3 Milesians banishing responsible party for murder 4 Miletus lusis catharsis
19 L001 Agamemnon Trojan war 1 war nike
225 L050 Caranus colony from Argos to Macedon 5 Argos colony
227 L050 Caranus alternative version of 225 5 Argos colony
226 L051 Caranus alternative version of 225 5 Argos colony
228 L052 Carystus 5 colony
233 L053 Ancaeus unknown 5 Cephallenia colony
235 L055 Alcmaeon 5
236 L056 Menelaus 5
239 L057 Hermioneus unknown 5
240 L057 unknown unknown 5
238 L058 a Magnesian best sacrifices 5 wellbeing
338 L171 Magnesians 7
485 Q001 King Iphitos of Elis civil strife and plague thru Hellas 776b] 8 Elis lusis 1a
297-99 Q0018B Messenians salvation in Second Messenian War 685c] 8 Messenia warfare 2 3j
486 Q002 Lycurgus, Iphitus, Cleosthenes renewal of Olympic games 884-776] 8 Sparta Elis Pisa lusis 1a
487 Q003 Peloponnesians via Lycurgus plague and famine 776b] 8 Peloponnesians lusis 1a
488 Q004 Peloponnesians distrust of Q3 776] 8 Peloponnesians lusis 1a
489 Q005 Eleans helping Spartans in siege of Helos 776a] 8 Eleans warfare 1b
490/1 Q006 King Iphitos of Elis crowning Olympic victors 756] 8 Elis cult 1d
29 Q007 Lycurgus Sparta’s need of better laws, spontaneous 900-775] 2 Sparta govt 2b
21 Q008 Lycurgus adoption of Lycurgan laws 700 e7 1 Sparta govt 2b
219 Q008 Lycurgus alternative version of 218 5 Sparta govt
220 Q008 Lycurgus alternative version of 218 5 Sparta govt
221 Q008 Lycurgus on laws 5 Sparta govt
218 Q009 Lycurgus receipt of Q8 900-770 5 Sparta govt 2b
222 Q010 Lycurgus or Spartans new laws, wealth 900-750 5 Sparta govt 2b 3j
561 Q011 Spartans swearing oaths by Heracles 500b 8 Sparta cult 1d
539 Q012 Kings Charilaos and Archelaos allotting land to Apollo 750c? 8 Sparta cult 1b
296 Q013 Spartans whether to help sons of Cresphones 740c] 6 Sparta govt IR 2e
361/2 Q014 Messenians victory in siege of Ithome (First Messenian War) 725c] 8 Messenia war 2e 1c
363 Q015 Spartans defeat in First Messenian War 725c] 7 Sparta war 2e 1c
364 Q016 King Aristodemos Spartan siege of Ithome, on war 725c] 7 Messenia war 2e
365 Q017 Messenians on victory in war with Sparta 720c] 7 Messenia war 1b 2e
297-99 Q018 Spartans how to vanquish Messenia in Second Messenian War 685c] 8 Sparta war 2e 1b
366 Q020 Messenian envoys defeat in battle w Sparta 680c] 7 Messenia war 2e
269 Q022 Messenians response: bring Aristomes’ bones to Ithome 400 4ca 6 Messenia cult 1a
483 Q023 Argives on choosing a king 600c] 8 Argos govt 2a 3h
Q024 Chians assassination of a king 650-600] Chios govt 2a 3f
1 Q026 Megara who are better Hellenes, while offering tithe to Apollo after victory 700c] 1 Megara wellbeing 2b 3j
2 Q027 Corinth colonization (Syracuse) 735c] 1 Corinth govt colony 2c 3i
43 Q028 Myscellus of Rhype children (found Croton colony) 705c] 2 Croton govt colony 2c
44 Q029 Myscellus of Rhype on location of Croton 705c] 2 Croton govt colony 2c 3i
45 Q030 Myscellus of Rhype to colonize Sybaris or Croton 705c] 2 Croton govt colony 2c
229 Q031 Corinth/Rhype where to go 735c] 5 Corinth govt colony 2c
370 Q032 Messenian exiles how to preserve themselves in ruin 740c] 7 Messenia govt colony 2c
371 Q033 Chalcidian migrants tithe sent to Apollo, on colony 740c] 7 Chalcidia govt colony 2c
46 Q034 Phalanthos of Sparta colonization (Tarentum) 710c] 2 Sparta govt colony 2c
47 Q035 Phalanthos of Sparta colonization (Tarentum) 710c] 2 Sparta govt colony 2c
525 Q036 Phalanthos of Sparta colonization (Tarentum) 710c] 8 Sparta govt colony 2c
568 Q037 Tarentines on welfare of Tarentum 700] 8 Tarentum govt colony 2c
526 Q038 Phalanthos or Tarentines on welfare of Tarentum 700c] 8 Tarentum govt colony 2c
454 Q039 Leucippus of Sparta on migration 700c] 8 Sparta govt colony 2c
3 Q040 Rhodes migration (Gela) 690c] 1 Rhodes govt colony 2c
410 Q041 Antiphemos & Lacius migration 690c] 7 ? govt colony 2c
384 Q042 Perieres & Crataimenes foundation of Drepanum 700c] 7 ? govt colony 2c
Q043 Timesias of Clazomenae colonization (Abdera) 653c] 2 Clazomenae govt colony 2c 3j
497/8 Q044 Megarans or Argives migration to Thrace 660c] 8 Megara or Argos govt colony 2c
38 Q046 Theraeans remedy drought 7 yr found Libya colony 640c] 2 Thera govt colony 2c
40 Q048 Theraeans release from present evils colony 640c] 2 Thera govt colony 2c
42 Q050 Cyrenaeans blessing on territory re-division 550c] 2 Cyrene govt colony 2c
89 Q052 Megarians construction of tomb for Orsippus 700c] 3 Megara cult 1a
224 Q053 Spartans civil strife 675c] 5 Sparta lusis 2b
223 Q054 Spartans civil strife 650c] 5 Sparta lusis 2b
230 Q055 Telesicles of Paros colonization? 680c] 5 Paros govt colony 2c
232 Q057 Archilochus loss of wealth in civil strife – col Thasus 650c] 5 Paros govt colony 2c
4 Q058 Naxos purification after murder of Archilocus 640c] 1 Naxos lusis catharsis 1b 3f
5 Q058 Naxos purification after murder of Archilocus 640c] 1 Naxos lusis catharsis 1b 3f
6 Q059 Aetion of Corinth childlessness (Cypselid) 685c] 1 Corinth tyrant 2a
7 Q060 Corinth warning (Cypselid) 655b] 1 Corinth tyrant 3a
8 Q061 Cypselus spontaneous, to return to Corinth (Cypselid) 655c] 1 Corinth tyrant 2a
9 Q062 Cypselus? Cypselus (Cypselid) 655c] 1 Corinth tyrant 2g
10 Q063 Epidaurans lusis kakon famine 625c] 1 Epidaurus lusis famine 1a
11 Q063 Epidaurans famine 625c] 1 Corinth lusis famine 1a
12 Q064 Cylon of Athens plan to seize the Acropolis 630c] 1 Athens tyrant 2a 2e
13 Q065 Athenians lusis kakon, plague 596= 1 Athens lusis 1d
14 Q066 Epimedes of Phaistos truth on omphalos 600c] 1 Phaistos personal 3j
15 Q067 Solon of Athens constitutional reform 590c] 1 Athens govt 2b
16 Q068 Solon of Athens constitutional reform 590c] 1 Athens govt 2b
326 Q069 Solon of Athens during war w Megara, sac directions 570c 6 Athens cult sacrifice 1b
17 Q070 Delphic Amphictyony punishment of offenses to Apollo’s sanctuary 600c] 1 Delphic Amphictyony war 2e
18 Q071 Delphic Amphictyony on victory 590c] 1 Delphic Amphictyony war nike 2e
237 Q072 Delphic Amphictyony plague in camp during SW1 590c] 5 Delphic Amphictyony lusis plague 2e
23 Q073 Sicyonians sacrifices after killing of boy victor Teletias (Plut) 675c] 2 Sicyon cult sac 1b
24 Q074 Cleisthenes of Sicyon removing tomb of Adrastus 580c] 2 Sicyon govt rule 2a
248 Q076 Ionians and Coans release from warfare 5 Ionia Cos lusis war
pp Q079 Hellenes and foreigners plague or famine all over world 768-550] 8 Hellenes business 1b
25 Q080 men of Pellene colonization after defeat by Sicyon 590c] 2 Pellene govt colony 2c 3j
26 Q081 Procles of Epidaurus tyrant Procles’ flight from Epidaurus 600c] 2 Epidaurus govt 2a-3h
27 Q082 Pythagoras of Ephesus plague and famine, personal fears 560c] 2 Ephesus lusis 1a
28 Q083 Sicyonians remedy a famine 580c] 2 Sicyon lusis 1b
552 Q084 Syracusans plague 700-500?] 8 Syracuse lusis plague 1c
327 Q085 conspirators against Phalaris how to attack tyrant Phalaris 560c] 6 Acragas Sicily govt 2a
495 Q086 Agrigentum citizens tyranny of Phalaris 555c] 8 Acragas Sicily govt 2a
30 Q087 expelled Phigalians where to go after defeat by Sparta 659 or 570c] 2 Sparta war 2e
31 Q088 Spartans conquest of Arcadia (Tegean plain) 560c] 2 Sparta war 2e
32 Q089 Spartans which gods to remedy defeats in Tegean war 550c] 2 Sparta lusis war 1a
33 Q090 Spartans failure to find Orestes’ bones 550c] 2 Sparta lusis war 1a
34 Q091 Spartans not stated, bring body of Tisamenos to Sparta 550-500?] 2 Sparta cult 1a
49 Q093 Phocaeans colonization, a settlement in the west? 560c] 2 Abdera govt colony 2c-1a
401 Q094 Boeotians Megarans plague found colony sacred to Heracles 550c] 7 Boeotia, Megara govt colony 2c
402 Q095 Boeotians defeat in war w Phocians, found colony 550c] 7 Boeotia govt colony 2c
51 Q096 party of Gyges & Lydians Gyges usurpation of Lydia 687] 2 Lydia govt 2a
52 Q099 King Croesus of Lydia Croesus, test oracle 550c] 2 Lydia wellbeing 3h
53 Q100 Croesus Croesus, war with Persia, ambiguous 548c] 2 Lydia war 2e
54 Q101 Croesus Croesus, the future of his reign. 548c] 2 Lydia wellbeing 2a 3h
56 Q103 Croesus reproach for Persian defeat 546] 2 Lydia wellbeing 2e 3h
57 Q106 Spartans gilding of face of Apollo’s image 550c] 2 Sparta cult lusis 1b 3g
58 Q107 Delphians remedy for famine and plague 550c] 2 Delphi lusis 1a
60 Q109 Dolonchi of Thrace difficulties in war — choice of oikist 560c] 2 Dolonchi govt colony 2c
61 Q110 Miltiades the Elder Dolonchi’s oikist for settlements in Chersonese 560c] 2 Athens govt colony 2c
62 Q111 Athenians plan to colonize Thracian Chersonese 560c 2 Athens govt colony 2c
63 Q112 Cnidians eye injuries in cutting through isthmus 545c] 3 Cnidos lusis 2b 2e
64 Q113 people of Caere lusis kakon, strange affliction 535-530] 3 Caereans lusis 1a
65 Q114 Siphnians whether present good would endure 520c] 3 Siphnus wellbeing 3h
66 Q115\ Siphnians can present prosperity last 520c 3 Siphnus wellbeing 1b
67 Q116 Polycrates of Samos celebration of Pythia and Delia 525c] 3 Samos cult 1a
68 Q117 Phocians invasion of Thessalians 510c] 3 Phocis war 2e
69 Q118 Cyrenaeans accession of a crippled king 550c] 3 Cyrene govt 2b
70 Q119 Arcesilaus of Cyrene gathering an army to restore him to Cyrene 530c] 3 Cyrene govt rule 2a
Q120 King Arcesilaus of Cyrene misfortunes 550c] Cyrene govt rule 2a
72 Q121 Dorieus of Sparta plan to found a colony in Sicily 510c] 3 Sparta govt colony 2c
73 Q122 people of Sybaris until when will we be prosperous 510b] 3 Sybaris wellbeing 1b
74 Q123 people of Sybaris an omen in Hera temple 515-510] 3 Sybaris cult 1d
79 Q124 Spartans any Spartan question (bribery)- free Athens 510c 3 Sparta war 2e
80 Q125 Cleisthenes of Athens eponyms for 10 tribes 510-509 3 Athens govt 2b
75 Q126 people of Croton cure for plague and sedition 530c] 3 Croton lusis 1a
76 Q127 people of Croton victory in war with Locri 580c] 3 Croton war nike 2e
81 Q130 Thebans vengeance on Athenians 506a] 3 Thebes war 2e
82 Q131 Athenians whether to make war on Aigina 505c] 3 Athens war 2e 1a
83 Q132 Pelasgians of Lemnos lusis barrenness famine, pay Athens 600b] 3 Lemnos lusis IR 2d
572 Q133 Athenians plague or crop failure after murder 500c] 8 Athens lusis plague 1a
84 Q134 Argives concern for security of city (female defeats male 494] 3 Argos war 2e
85 Q135 Telesilla of Argos cure for ill health 520c] 3 Argos lusis personal 1b
86 Q136 Cleomenes I victory over Argos 495c] 3 Sparta war 2e
87 Q137 Spartans legitimacy of King Demaratos 491c 3 Sparta govt paternity 2a-1a
438 Q138 Roman envoys portents and illness 510c] 8 Rome lusis 2a
439 Q139 Tarquin’s sons who would be king 510c] 8 Rome govt rule 2a
484 Q140 Deinomenes of Syracuse concern for his sons, tyrants 500c] 8 Syracuse govt rule 2a
241 Q141 Gelon of Syracuse best offerings to give Apollo 485c] 5 Syracuse cult 1b
90 Q142 Athenians an apparition at the battle of Marathon 490= 3 Athens cult war 1a
91 Q143 Parians whether to kill the hypozakorus Timo for helping Miltiades 489] 3 Paros cult 2f
92 Q144 Argives how to fare best re Persian threat to Hellas 481] 3 Argos war 2e
93 Q145 Cretans help the Hellenes re Persian threat 481] 3 Crete war 2e
94 Q146 Athenians Persian invasion (flee!) 481-480d 3 Athens war 2e
95 Q147 Athenians for a more favorable reply (wooden wall) 481-480d 3 Athens war 2e
96 Q148 Delphians which gods for Persian threat to all Hellas 480p 3 Delphi cult war 1b
97 Q149 Delphians Persian threat, bury or move sacred treasure 480c] 3 Delphi cult war 1d
98 Q150 NS predicting Persian sack of Delphi 481-480] 3 Persia war 2e
99 Q151 NS warning to Persians not to sack Delphi?: 480] 3 ? cult 1d
100 Q152 Spartans on war 481-480] 3 Sparta war 2e
101 Q153 Spartans to demand justice of Xerxes for death of Leonidas 480] 3 Sparta IR 2d
102 Q154 Athenians which gods for help against Mardonius 479= 3 Athens cult war 1b
103 Q155 Mardonius? how to take Hellas 479] 3 ? war 2e
104 Q156 Greeks on sacrifices after victory at Plataea 479= 3 Greeks cult 1a
105 Q157 Greeks whether first fruits after Salamis sufficient 480-479 3 Greeks cult 1b
106 Q158 Themistocles placement of Persian spoils at temple 479] 3 ? cult 1b
108 Q161 Apolloniates cause of famine and sterility after blinding of euenios 510c] 3 Illyria lusis 1b 3f
112 Q163 Spartans kingship 478b] 4 Sparta govt 2a
113 Q164 Athenians plague Bring Theseus’ bones to Athens 476-475] 4 Athens lusis 1a
116 Q165 Metapontines vision of Aristeas re altar of Apollo 550-500] 4 Metapontum cult 1a
88 Q166 Astypalaeans disappearance of Cleomedes’ body, honor as god, who was mad 496] 3 Astypalaea cult 1a
117 Q167 Epizephyrian Locrians an omen of lightening striking statues 470cp 4 Locrians cult 1a
388 Q168 Epizephyrian Locrians famine after abuse of athlete 500b?] 7 Locrians lusis 1 3
118 Q169 Achaeans failure for 2 centuries at Olympic games 460p 4 Achaeans cult 1a
389 Q170 Thasians famine and barrenness, after exiles 450c] 7 Thasos lusis famine 2b
390/1 Q171 Thasians famine and barrenness 450c] 8 Thasos lusis famine 2b 3e
126 Q172 Corcyreans failure to bring in tuna fishing 470b] 4 Corcyrea cult 1b
520 Q173 Eleians removing bronze bull of Olympia 450c] 8 Eleia cult 1b
114 Q174 Spartans plague following death of Regent Pausanias 476a] 4 Sparta lusis plague 1a
115 Q175 Spartans free suppliant of Zeus Ithomatas 470b] 4 Sparta cult 1d
315 Q176 Tirynthians settlement 468/7?] 6 Tirynth govt colony 2c
314 Q177 Spartans request for healing after omens of divine wrath 464c] 6 Sparta lusis 1c 3
119 Q178 Delphians to Pindar an equal share of Apollo offerings 442-440 4 Delphi cult 1a
121 Q180 Battus I greatness of Athens after sufferings 450c] 4 Athens wellbeing 3j
122 Q181 Athenians sanction for reconstructing approach to Acropolis 490b] 4 Athens cult 1d
493 Q182 Phigaleians famine barrenness after neglect of cult 470-450c] 8 Phigalia lusis 1a
127 Q183 Camarina in Sicily sanction to drain a marsh 500-450c] 4 Camarina civic 2b
128 Q184 men of Lipara victory over Etruscans 550-450?c] 4 Lipara war 2e
129 Q185 Parmeniscus of Metapontum personal, on recovering ability to laugh 500c?] 4 Metapontum lusis 1b
131 Q186 exiled Sybarites re-colonizing Sybaris (Thurii) 445c] 4 Sybaris govt colony 2c
132 Q187 Thurians who should be considered oikist [Apollo] 433c 4 Thurii cult 1a
133 Q188 Athenians authority to colonize Amphipolis 437c] 4 Athens govt colony 2c-1a
125 Q189 Athenians Plague after Peloponnesian War [image of Apollo] 430c 4 Athens lusis 1a
158 Q190 Cleonaeans relief from plague 430= 5 Cleonaeans lusis 1b
161 Q191 exiled Delians sacrifices to Apollo for help on expulsion from Delos 420c] 5 Delians cult 1b
163 Q192 Mantineans sanction to move the bones of Arcas 420c] 5 Mantinea cult 1a
166 Q193 Athenians sacrifices for war on Syracuse, Sic. Expedition 416-415] 5 Athens cult war 1d
578 Q194 Athenians welfare of city 400b] 8 Athens wellbeing 2b
168 Q195 Archidamus of Sparta not stated 430c?] 5 Sparta ? 3i
169 Q196 Locrians on cure for a famine, punishment for war 409-405?] 5 Locrians lusis 2b 2e
170 Q197 Oetaeans not stated 409-400?] 5 Oetaeans ? 3j
171 Q198 Spartans on destroying Athens (common hearth of Hellas) 404] 5 Sparta war 2e
179 Q200 Delians remedy for a plague 390c] 5 Delians lusis 1b
440 Q202 Romans meaning of a prodigy 400-396] 8 Rome cult 1b
181 Q203 Achaeans method of capturing Phana in Aitolia 367b] 5 Achaeans war 2e
254 Q204 Thessalians siege of Ceressus, Thespian fort 520c] 6 Thessalia war 2e
253 Q205 Thebans approaching battle at Leuctra 371= 6 Thebes war ?
255 Q206 Spartans war with Thebes 371b] 6 Sparta war 2e
554 Q209 Spartans remedy for birth of ugly baby girls 350c] 8 Sparta lusis 1a
264 Q210 Athenians political issues of Athens 350c] 6 Athens govt 2g
269 Q211 envoy of Philip of Macedon meaning of dream, sacrifices 357] 6 Macedon cult 1b
507 Q212 Philip of Macedon succession of kingship 340-336c] 8 Macedon govt rule 2a
266 Q213 Philip of Macedon victory against Persia 337/6] 6 Macedon war 2e 1b
267 Q214 Philip of Macedon not stated, probably military 340c] 6 Macedon war 2e
268 Q215 Philip of Macedon not stated, probably military 350c] 6 Macedon war 2e 3j
270 Q216 Alexander victory in Persian campaign 335] 6 Macedon war 2e
271 Q217 Alexander Persian campaign 335b] 6 Macedon war 2e
509 Q218 Amphictyons or Hellenes Alexander’s move into Asia 334] 8 Delphic Amphictyony govt wellbeing 1a
272 Q219 Alexander plots in Macedon 335c] 6 Macedon govt rule 2a
273 Q220 Thebans portents before Alexander’s attack 335c] 6 Thebes war 2e 3
508 Q221 Thebans will Thebes be rebuilt after A’s attack 335c] 8 Thebes war 2e 3g
555 Q222 Spartans on cult 300b? 8 Sparta cult 1a
419 Q223 Heracleia on Pontos famine 310] 7 Heracleia cult 1a
275 Q225 Carcinus of Rhegium personal, ominous dreams re Agathocles 362-361] 6 Rhegium omen 3e
276 Q226 Apollophanes of Arcadia on mother of Asclepius 350-300c] 6 Arcadia 3a
286 Q227 Ptolemy of Egypt not stated 300c 6 Egypt cult?
352 Q228 Rome dedication of images during war with Samnites 325c] 7 Rome cult war 1a
353 Q229 Rome release from plague 293] 7 Rome lusis plague 1a
441 Q230 King Pyrros war with Rome 280 8 Epiros warfare 2e
329 Q231 Delphians hide treasures from Gauls 278] 7 Delphi cult war 1d
331 Q232 Opuntian Locrians birth of monstrous children 280?] 7 Locri lusis 1b
333 Q233 Astypalaeans too many hares 283-239] 7 Astypalaea lusis 2b 3e
573 Q234 Antiochenes unspecified 300a] 8 Antioch cult 1a
358 Q235 Sicyonians plan to bury Aratus within city walls 213] 7 Sicyon cult 1a
355 Q236 Roman envoys dedication of spoils from Hasdrubal 207p 7 Rome war 2e
356 Q237 Rome does A support Sybilline oracle promising victory 205= 7 Rome cult war 1d
357 Q238 NS not stated 201b] 7 Rome? 2e
359 Q239 Daphidas personal, tried to deceive Pythia 135c] 7 3e
360 Q240 Daphidas personal, tried to deceive Pythia 135c] 7 3h
337 Q241 Methymnaeans personal, what god or hero is found image 200c?p 7 Methymnaea cult 1a
339 Q243 Cretans not stated, response on purification 200c?] 7 Crete cult 1b
430 Q244 King Perseus of Macedon portents or omens 174= 8 Macedon ? ?
433 Q246 Sulla dream of Aphrodite 95c 8 Rome dream 1b
434 Q247 Athenian refugees Sulla’s harsh treatment of Athens 86c 8 Athens lusis 3j 2f
436 Q249 Appius Claudius Pulcher civil war between Caesar and Pompey 48 8 Rome warfare 3i 2e
518 Q250 Emperor Augustus concern for succession +12 8 Rome govt 1d
510 Q253 Romans conflicts over empire +193 8 Rome govt 2a
511 Q254 Romans conflicts over empire +193 8 Rome govt 2a
512 Q255 Romans conflicts over empire +193 8 Rome govt 2a
513 Q256 Romans conflicts over empire +193 8 Rome govt 2a
470 Q259 Athenians destruction of Apollo temple by lightening ? 8 Athens cult 3h 1d
521 Q260 Cappadocians loss of their herds of horses ? 8 Cappadocia business 3e
474 Q261 unknown response: Syrian inspired, Phoenician learned +300 8 unknown ? 3g
600 Q262 Emperor Julian war with Persia +362 8 Rome warfare 2e
476 Q263 envoy of Emperor Julian revival of Delphic oracle +361/2 8 Rome cult 1d
246 Q264 unknown response: most happy is Pedius 40c ? 5 unknown ? 3g
538 Q265 Aristinos release from difficulties after funeral ? 8 unknown lusis 3a 1b
549 Q266 Spartans unstated, establish a foot race 300b? 8 Sparta cult 1d
550 Q267 citizens of Alea unstated, flog women at Dion festival 300b? 8 Alea cult 1d
Q268 Achaeans request for help 250?] Achaeans wellbeing 3g
135 X Athenians on sacrifices 4 Athens cult
167 X Alcibiades capture of Sicily Athens warfare
257 X unknown 6
263 X Athenians 6 Athens


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