Live Stream | “A prehistory of Post-Humanism? Anthropology and Antiquity Today”

Organized by M. Brouillet, C. Carastro and C. Stocking


On Tuesday, April 2 at 9:30 am (EDT), an international roundtable on the topic “A Prehistory for Post-Humanism? Anthropology and Antiquity Today,” co-organized by Cléo Carastro, Manon Brouillet, and Charles Stocking, will take place and be live streamed here!

This roundtable brings together recent research in the fields of Classics and Anthropology on the topic of “post-humanism” in order to facilitate further dialogue and new avenues of inquiry in light of the long intellectual tradition that has joined these two fields together.


Manon Brouillet (Center for the Hellenic Studies)
Cléo Carastro (EHESS and Center for Hellenic Studies)
Alessandro Duranti (UCLA)
Didier Fassin (IAS, Princeton, EHESS)
Cristiana Franco (University of Siena)
Brooke Holmes (Princeton)
Michael Lambek (Toronto)
Richard Martin (Stanford)
Catherine Pratt (University of Western Ontario)
Michael Puett (Harvard)
Lisa Raphals (University of California, Riverside)
Francesca Rochberg (Berkeley)
Giulia Sissa (UCLA)
Charles Stocking (University of Western Ontario)



9-9.30:  Coffee, welcome
9.30-9.45: Introduction
9.45-11: Session 1 Problems of being human. How to cope with humanism today?


11.15-12.30: Session 2 Sharing agency, building subjectivities: which patterns, from visual anthropology to linguistics?
12.30-2: Lunch
2-3.15: Session 3 Nature and beyond: how “landing” is a sustainable mode of life?


3.30-4.45: Session 4 Would religion be a productive misunderstanding?
4.45-5.15: Conclusion and perspectives
6.30: Dinner