Live Webcast: CHS Research Symposium

The CHS disseminates the outcomes of the fellows‘ work through two venues:  the online Research Bulletin, and the annual Research Symposium. Each of these offers a vehicle for engaging with others who share fellows’ interests both here at the CHS and beyond (including some past and future fellows) and for refining ideas and ways of communicating them.
During the symposium, fellows will present a short synopsis of their papers. Discussion of the fellows papers, moderated by a senior fellow, will follow. The CHS will publish fellows’ abstracts and papers, as well as the videos of their presentations at the symposium, on the CHS Research Bulletin.
Join us on Friday, April 25 and Saturday, April 26 for this year’s live webcast of the Center for Hellenic Studies Research Symposium. View the program and instructions for watching the webcast.
Have questions for the presenters? Send questions and comments via the online form or via the chat room.