Meet the Teaching Fellows for the High School Summer Program in Nafplio, Greece!

From July 5 until July 21, 2018, four Harvard College students fill internships teaching the CHS High School Summer Program (HSSP) in Greece. The teaching fellows will assist the HSSP faculty members in planning, coordinating, and teaching the 2-week, college-level seminar. The internship has two phases: spring preparation in Cambridge MA, and the seminar itself in July in Nafplio, Greece. Learn more about the program here.

Sal DeFrancesco

Sal is a senior studying Social Studies at Harvard College. His main academic interests include cultural criticism in modern critical theory, especially concerning modernity, popular culture, and capitalism. After college, he will likely study to practice public interest law. Outside of academics, Sal enjoys writing political journalism, watching sports (especially baseball), and experiencing Boston.

Rohan Shah

Rohan is from Singapore, and moved to the United States for college. At Harvard, he is a senior studying Social Studies, with a focus on cities in the developing world. His academic interests include economic theory, the history of development, and urban studies. Outside the classroom, Rohan loves tinkering around in the kitchen, hosting and entertaining, popping into art museums, and scuba diving when he’s by the ocean.

Nell Shea

Nell is a junior studying Social Studies, with a focus in civic engagement and community in America. Her academic interests also include Spanish, social justice (specifically prison reform, voting rights, and gender issues) and politics/political philosophy. Born in Vermont, Nell loves exploring nature, whether on foot, skiis or by boat. She also plays club soccer and lacrosse at Harvard.

Audrey Sheehy

Audrey is a junior studying Social Studies with a language citation in Spanish. She was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her academic interests include the ethics and effects of immigration with a particular focus on the United States, the education system in the U.S., and Latin American history and politics. Besides school, Audrey enjoys hiking, reading, painting, and playing Ultimate Frisbee.