Now Online! | "Further Thoughts on Linear B po-re-na, po-re-si, and po-re-no-", by Roger D. Woodard

Sarcophagus (14th cent. BCE) from Hagia Triada, north side, Crete. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

The CHS is pleased to present online a second, extended edition of Roger D. Woodard’s “Further Thoughts on Linear B po-re-na, po-re-si, and po-re-no-,”  a work that originally appeared in Classical Inquiries 2018.02.04.

From the introduction:

Opinions have varied and swayed regarding the interpretation of the Linear B term po-re-na. Whatever meaning is assigned, many would draw the forms po-re-si and po-re-no- into their interpretation of po-re-na, and vice versa. In this investigation I begin with the interpretation of po-re-na that appears most probable and reconsider po-re-siand po-re-no- on the basis of both internal and comparative evidence.