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Aitken, Ellen Bradshaw,
To Encounter a Hero: Localization and Travel in Hellenistic Hero Cults

Antoniou, Dimitris,
The Mosque That Wasn’t There: Ethnographic Elaborations on Orthodox Conceptions of Sacrifice

Athanassaki, Lucia,
A Magnificent Birthday Party in an Artful Pavilion: Lifestyle and Leadership in Euripides? Ion (on and off stage)

Bayerle, Henry,
Speech Genres in the Twelfth-Century Latin Historical Epics of Italy

Beck, Deborah,
On Being a Gentleman Scholar

Beecroft, Alexander J.,
Can You Take the Hellenic out of the Panhellenic? The Case of Zhou China

Bers, Victor,
First in Line

Bierl, Anton,
Traumatic Dreams: Lacanian Love, Kubrick?s Eyes Wide Shut, and the Ancient Greek Novel, or, Gliding in Phantasmagoric Chains of Metonymy

Bird, Graeme,

Bollack, Jean,

Bonifazi, Anna,
Drops of Poetry, Drops of Music: Performing as Weeping

Calame, Claude,
From Greek Lyric to Rap Song: A New Swiss Sappho? (An Impertinent Comparison)

Clark, Matthew,
Hyrnetho and the Dark Age of Greek Myth

Davidson, Olga,
Women’s Lamentations and the Ethics of War

Dova, Mata,
“Like a Father”: On Mentors and Kings in the Odyssey

Du?, Casey and Mary Ebbott,
Homeric Scholia and the Multitextuality of the Iliad

Easterling, Pat,
Getting to Grips with the Oracles: Oedipus at Colonus

Edmunds, Lowell,
Deixis and Everyday Expressions in Alcaeus frs. 128 V and 130b V

Edmunds, Susan T.,
Picturing Homeric Weaving

Elmer, David F.
Orestes in Skopje: The Macedonian Oresteia of Milcho Manchevski

Ferrari, Gloria,
The Tyranny of Eros in Thucydides’ History

Figueira, Thomas,
The Aiakidai, the Herald-less War, and Salamis

Frame, Douglas,
New Light on the Homeric Question: The Phaeacians Unmasked

Hollmann, Alexander,
Drawings by Alexander Hollmann

Hopman, Marianne,
Monsters in Performance

Jenkins, Thomas E.,
The Concept of the Multimedia Hero in Greek Civilization

Judet de La Combe, Pierre,
La crise selon l’Iliade

Kellogg, Jennifer,
George Seferis and Homer’s Light

Kim, Soo-Young,
The Summer Before Austerity (June 2010): The Everyday of a Crisis in the Making

Lentini, Giuseppe,
Refusing an Odyssean Destiny: The End of the Iliad and the Kleos of Achilles

Levaniouk, Olga,
Sky-Blue Flower: Songs of the Bride in Modern Russia and Ancient Greece

Lowry, Edward,
Iliad 6.201: Did Bellerophon Wander Blindly?

Martin,Thomas R.,
The Nature of the ?Noble Man? (???????? ????) for Alexander the Great, the ?Man Who Loved Homer? (?????????)

McGrath, Kevin,
Heroic K: Portrait of a Charioteer

McLane, Maureen N.,
G-R-E-G-0-R-Y N-A-G-Y

Mitchell, Steven,
Heroic Legend and Onomastics: H?lfs saga, Das Hildebrandslied and the Listerby Stones

Archbishop Demetrios,
On the Name of the Father: The Platonic Pollen in Orthodox Triadology

Nagy, Lizzie,

Nikkanen, Anita,
A Note on Memory and Reciprocity in Homer’s Odyssey

Panou, Nikos,
Pre-Phanariot Satire in the Danubian Principalities: ?? ?????? and Its Author

Petropoulos, J.C.B. (Yiannis),
A Misunderstood Ancient Wedding-Song, or Two

Part II: “The Cicadas”

Power, Timothy,
A Piping Odysseus in Ptolemy the Quail

Reichl, Karl,
Lying or Blaspheming? Problems in the Translation of Oral Epics

Schur, David,
The Epic Sound

Sinos, Dale,
A Letter from Dale Sinos

Slatkin, Laura,
Notes toward a Traffic in Catalogues

Smoot, Guy,
Did the Helen of the Homeric Odyssey ever go to Troy?

Selected Poems from the collection BABEL FOR TWO

Taylor, Michael W.,
“An Athenian in the American Civil War”: Looking Back on The Tyrant Slayers, A Memoir and Reflection after 37 Years

Travis, Roger,
Epic Life: A Return to Nagy (in Game Studies)

Graveside Irony in the Iliad

Walsh, Thomas R.,
The Literary Value of the Homeric Work of G. Nagy