Reading Tragedy Together When Sheltering Alone

The CHS team is happy to share the Greek Tragedy Readings, Week 1: Euripides’ Helen (supported by the Center for Hellenic Studies, the Kosmos Society and Out of Chaos Theatre), as featured in Sententiae Antiquae, a blog aiming to bring some of the most famous quotations from the ancient world and to shine lights on some of the forgotten shelves and corners of classical heritage.
A week ago, Paul O’Mahony, artistic director of Out of Chaos Theatre, along with Joel Christensen, key editor of Sententiae Antiquae, Lanah Koelle and Keith Destone from the Center for Hellenic Studies, and Janet Ozsolak, Helene Emeriaud, and Sarah Scott of the Kosmos Society came together with an idea: bringing together Hellenists and actors in isolation to do readings and discussions of Greek Tragedy during these strange times.
The resulting video is available on the CHS YouTube channel, and for this week, the team will be running the show live and opening it up to the public: Wednesday, April 1, at 3 PM EDT the team is reading Sophocles’ Philoktetes (using this text) and will be joined by Howard University’s Norman Sandridge.
More information about each week will be shared as it becomes available.