Symposium on Incarceration in honor of Frank M. Snowden, Jr. | February 26-28, 2020

On February 26-28, Howard University and the Center for Hellenic Studies present a series of events that include presentations, performances, and discussions in honor of Frank M. Snowden Jr.

Wednesday, February 26

“Rediscovering Our Humanity: Reading the Classics Behind Bars and Beyond,” a performance of excerpts from Greek tragedies by two seasoned actors, which will ground the moderated discussion to follow about the role emotions can or should play in our lives, and the humanity we all share.

Thursday, February 27

Dr. Marcus Folch will deliver the Eighteenth Annual Frank M. Snowden, Jr. lecture, followed by the Phi Beta Kappa Liberal Arts Roundtable. Folch will tell the stories of three prisoners in the ancient Mediterranean and explore what their stories tell us about ancient prisons and their modern legacy in a talk entitled, “Prison without Punishment Jail without Justice: Reflections on the History of Incarceration in Classical Greece and Rome”.

Friday, February 28

The Center for Hellenic Studies will host a day-long symposium on prison programming and education, families of the incarcerated, and re-entry and public policy. This closed event will be streamed live online (check the homepage for a link to the stream).