The Fragmentary Muse and the Poetics of Refraction in Sappho, Sophocles, Offenbach

[[This essay originally appeared in 2009 in Theater des Fragments: Performative Strategien im Theater zwischen Antike und Postmoderne (eds. A. Bierl, G. Siegmund, Ch. Meneghetti, C. Schuster) 69-102. In this expanded online edition, the page-numbers of the print edition will be indicated within braces (“{” and “}”). For example, “{69|70}” indicates where p. 69 of the first… Read more

Imagining Illegitimacy in Classical Greek Literature

In Imagining Illegitimacy, Mary Ebbott investigates metaphors of illegitimacy in classical Greek literature, concentrating in particular on the way in which the illegitimate child (nothos) is imagined in narratives. Employing an approach that maintains that metaphors are a key to understanding abstract ideas, Ebbott connects the many complex metaphors associated… Read more

Antigone Project Phase II

Students from high schools in Greece, India, the Netherlands, and the United States recently participated in the second phase of the Antigone Project, which invites students to film and share their own performances of the Antigone of Sophocles, with the goal of engaging in a meaningful comparative dialogue with fellow participants from around the globe. Read more