“The Last of the Calabrians Greeks” by John Kazaklis

The CHS team would like to recommend an article from Istoria entitled “The Last of the Calabrian Greeks.” Author John Kazaklis focuses on the Greko dialect of the Greek language as spoken in Calabria, Italy. Tracing its history through the present day, Kazaklis offers a poignant look at efforts to sustain this unique dialect in modern times:

After spending time with the Squillaci family, I observed how passionate and hardworking they were in regards to the survival of their dying language. It was deeply moving and encouraging. With perhaps only one generation remaining of Greko speakers, Tito and Olimpia seem to be going full force with doing what they can to teach Greko and build awareness. In essence, they are guardians of Hellenism in this small region tucked away in the toe of the Italian peninsula.

Istoria is a “collaborative effort on visual storytelling among individuals who encounter stories by engaging culture and people in their own communities and during their international experiences.” Read more about the publication here.

Gallicianò, Calabria: The only remaining original Greko-speaking settlement in the Aspromonte Mountains. Locals have not been forced to move or resettle on the coast like other Greko settlements. Credit: Istoria, 2017.