Third International Workshop on the establishment of MOOC multimedia annotations

The Third International Workshop on the establishment of MOOCs with multimedia annotations (III Workshop internacional sobre Creación de MOOC con anotaciones multimedia) has published the pre-print versions of its proceedings from March 2014.
The initiative that universities like Harvard, MIT and Stanford launched in 2012 with the edX platform for MOOCs generated numerous opportunities not only for university education but also for education in general all around the world. This whole initiative is a work-in-progress. One of the aims of this International Workshop that took place in March was to show the progress of the collaboration between Philip Desenne, project manager of HarvardX endorsements, and Daniel Cebrián Robles, industrial engineer and creator of the Federated environment of Gtea. They have developed tools for multimedia annotations in collaboration with other researchers and teams.
The pre-print versions of the proceedings are available online both in Spanish and English. From the publications, we are very happy to feature these two contributions: