Upcoming Symposium – Undergraduate Research Symposium

Application Deadline: December 19, 2014

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Undergraduate Research Symposium
Dates: March 5-6, 2015


This spring, the Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS) in Washington, D.C. will invite undergraduate students to share their research on Greek comedy or Latin literature of the Late Republic in a workshop setting. Students will have the opportunity to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their work in progress, develop ideas, collect bibliographical suggestions, and gain perspectives from their peers and faculty representing a range of institutions.
The CHS strongly encourages faculty members to accompany their students if at all possible. The students’ experience is much more productive and professional if they come with their faculty mentors and the conditions of participation outlined below assumes that a faculty member will support and guide the student throughout the process.
Students’ papers and videos of their presentations are published in the online Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Journal (ISSN 2373-5937). Because the papers begin and evolve in a digital medium, they can incorporate a wide variety of materials, including images, videos, links to other online resources, and other types of data. The students’ faculty mentors serve as the editorial board of the e-journal.


Any undergraduate from an institution in the U.S. may apply, although priority will be given to students currently participating in the inter-institutional Sunoikisis courses running in fall 2014.
Students’ topics should relate to either Greek comedy or Latin literature of the Late Republic. The following authors and texts are of particular interest:
Greek: Aristophanes: Acharnians, Ecclesiazusae, Clouds, Lysistrata; Gorgias, “Encomium of Helen”; Menander, Samia
Latin: Caesar de Bello Gallico; Catullus; Cicero Ad Atticum, Ad Familiares, Ad Quintum, Commentariolum Petitionis, Tusculan Disputations; Lucretius; SallustCatiline; Suetonius Divus Augustus
However, the proposal need not be limited to literary topics: other topics might include social aspects of the time periods and material and architectural objects, e.g., space and place in Comedy, electoral procedures in the Republic, social bonds as understood in the 5th century BCE, and the like.
For more information on the conditions of participation, the application procedure and the travel and lodging expenses, visit the newly redesigned CHS website.