Visiting scholar at CHS | Bonna Wescoat, Professor of Classical Art and Archaeology at Emory University

February 9–15, 2015
This week, Bonna Wescoat, Professor of Classical Art and Archaeology at Emory University, will be staying at CHS and using the library. Her research interests include Ancient Greek art and architecture, with emphasis on Archaic and Hellenistic architectural trends and architectural sculpture. In 2012, she became Director of Excavations in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, Samothrace. While at CHS, she will work on monograph about the Sanctuary of the Great Gods focused on the dynamic interaction of place and cult, and situating it within the broader context of religious experience, political dynamics, architectural developments, and social history of the Mediterranean, from the 7th century BC through the Roman period.
Bonna Wescoat is visiting CHS under a grant, awarded to scholars around the world that could benefit from access to the Center’s library resources and from consulting and working with fellows on a short-term basis. The CHS is currently accepting applications for visits from January 21 to May 20, 2015. To learn more, visit the CHS website.