Visiting scholar at CHS | Rosa Andújar, A.G. Leventis Research Fellow at University College London

September 14–20, 2015


Rosa Andujar

This week, Rosa Andújar, A.G. Leventis Research Fellow at University College London will be staying at the CHS and using the library. She is currently in the process of completing her book, Playing the Chorus: Greek Tragedy Beyond the Choral Ode. By exploring its activities beyond the singing of  odes, Andújar aims to prove that the tragic chorus was a dynamic body, able to adapt and transform based on interactions with both the actors and the reacting audience. During her stay at the CHS, Andújar looks forward to using the scholarly environment to edit and review her work, and also looks forward to discussing the tragic chorus with the current residential fellows.

Rosa Andújar is visiting the CHS under a grant, awarded to scholars around the world that could benefit from access to the Center’s library resources and from consulting and working with fellows on a short-term basis. The CHS is currently accepting applications for visits from August 31st to December 18th, 2015. To learn more, visit the CHS website.