Volume 6, Issue 1 of the CHS Research Bulletin is now available!

Volume 6, Issue 1 of the CHS Research Bulletin contains project reports submitted by the fellows who conducted research at the Center for Hellenic Studies during the 2017-18 academic year.
As of April 30, the reports by the fall 2017 fellows are available. Reports from the spring 2018 and CHS-AUTH fellows will be available in August 2018.
“Calling the Gods: How Cult Practices Moved across Space and Time in the Ancient Mediterranean”
Mary Bachvarova, Willamette University
“Social identity, social meaning, and the dynamics of everyday writing in Roman and Late Antique Egypt”
Klaas Bentein, Ghent University
“Sensing the ancient world: The multiple dimensions of ancient Graeco-Roman art”
Cecilie Brøns, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
“Dogmata, Rules, Prohibitions: an overall investigation of the Pythagorean symbola”
Chiara Ferella, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz
“Computational Analysis of the Corpus Platonicum
Thomas Koentges, University of Leipzig
“Kestós Himás: Phraseology and Thematic Indo-European Inherited Structures in Greek Myth”
Laura Massetti, Center for Hellenic Studies and University of Copenhagen
“Gift of Athena: Olive Oil and the Making of Athens”
Catherine Pratt, University of Western Ontario
“Myth and Philosophy in Late Antique Neoplatonism: Porphyry of Tyre (c. 234-305)”
Irini-Fotini Viltanioti, KU Leuven
“A Measured Harvest: Grain, Tithes, and Territories in Hellenistic and Roman Sicily (276-31 BCE)”
Alex Walthall, University of Texas-Austin