2018 CHS GR Summer Internship Program | Meet the Gallery Interns!

From May 30 until July 5, 2018, students from American and Greek universities serve as interns at cultural institutions in Nafplio, Greece. In addition to their internship responsibilities, students develop a research project with the guidance of a faculty mentor, and tour cultural and archaeological sites in the Argolid region and in Athens. Learn more about the program here.

The students are nine in total. The two students below are occupied at the National Gallery, Nafplio Annex.

“The department of the National Gallery in the city of Nafplio hosts a permanent exhibition that celebrates the Greek War of Independence of 1821. The artworks of this exhibition hold huge historic and artistic importance marking a special period of art in Greece. Meanwhile, the gallery hold temporary exhibitions as well. The current one, “Poetic Images of Greece”, demonstrates the watercolors by Paris Prekas. A Greek contemporary artist that through his artworks showcases the scenic images of Greece’s landscape.

The main task of our internship is a research about the movement of Philhellenism in America but at the same time we are working on making a correspondence between the American artworks inspired by the American Revolution and the artworks of the permanent exhibition of the Gallery. Despite creating different historic paths, the struggle to fight for their country’s liberation is at the heart of both the Greeks and Americans.

In addition to research, we created a survey for the visitors, so as to have a better idea of the public opinion and as a result to improve the services of the gallery. We are thrilled to undertake this specific task, as its purpose is to understand the visitors’ background and their honest opinions of the gallery.”–Gallery Interns

Panagiota Peleka, Aristotle University

Panagiota Peleka is a student in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Currently she is in the final year of her studies, on the faculty of Fine Arts, as she has always been fascinated by culture and art. Motivated by her respect and admiration for museums and art works, she would like to attend a postgraduate course relevant to art and cultural heritage management.

Bianca Rodriguez, Georgetown University

Bianca Rodriguez is a rising sophomore at Georgetown University. Although she is undeclared, she is currently considering a major in English. Being of Salvadoran descent and currently learning modern Greek, she is actively exploring bridges between cultures. Her studies are motivated by the idea that it is quintessential for one to be culturally competent and socially conscious.