Library Visitor Policies

For access to the library, potential visitors must complete and submit the online application.

Please Note: The main building and library remain closed due to ongoing renovations.

Visitors are encouraged to consult the Center’s library catalog to determine how they can best use the Center’s resources. (Be sure to set the location filter to ‘Ctr Hellen Studies‘.)

Visitors must formally agree to the following policies regarding their use of the Library before they can receive access. These policies are necessary because of the increased demands for Center resources, concern for security, and the fragility of much of the Library collection. Visitors who fail to adhere to these policies may lose their Library privileges.

COVID-19 Policies

In compliance with Harvard policies, proof of vaccination (and applicable boosters) is required of all visiting researchers according to the CDC definition. The Center for Hellenic Studies continues to follow University guidance and may implement additional requirements per public health and Harvard guidelines.

Proof of vaccination will remain confidential.

Please fill out the Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Form to submit your proof of vaccination. If you have previously submitted proof of vaccination, you do not need to fill out this form.

If you are exempt from vaccination, please contact records(at) to confirm your attendee status. Any visitor who is not vaccinated for any reason, will kindly be requested to mask while in public spaces.

Library Visitor Agreement

Library visitors must agree to the following policies regarding their use of the library by signing this document. These policies are necessary because of the increased demands on the resources of the CHS, concern for security, and the conservation of the library collection. Visitors who fail to adhere to these policies will lose their library privileges.

Visitors may access the CHS library by appointment only.

Books may not be removed from the library under any circumstances.

Visitor Eligibility:

1. Visitor access is available for individuals who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Former CHS Fellows.
  • Scholars holding a doctorate in subjects collected at the Center for Hellenic Studies.
  • Currently enrolled doctoral students and masters students who have satisfied all course requirements and are working on their dissertation/research project.
  • Partners of current fellows who possess appropriate academic qualifications in their own right.
  • Undergraduates at DMV institutions who are majoring in classics and who are working on their senior theses may apply to use the library, but they must provide letters of recommendation from their thesis advisors.
  • Other applicants, at the librarians’ discretion. Applicants should demonstrate a strong need for access by providing titles and call numbers of those books at the Center for Hellenic Studies that cannot be found in other D.C.-area libraries, such as the Library of Congress.
  • Current Harvard faculty, fellows, and students. Scholars must be currently engaged in a specific research project which the strengths of our collection can support.

2. The Director of the Center for Hellenic Studies reserves the right to refuse access to any scholar on the basis of the above criteria and adherence to the policies below.

3. Anyone wishing to use the CHS library must attend an in-person orientation to the policies of the library. These orientations are required every year and when any new policy goes into effect.

Requesting Visitor Privileges:

1. All visitors must fill out the online form identifying themselves and describing their project. This form will be kept on file at the Center.

2. We will respond promptly informing you of our response to your request to use the library. Once we have received your signed agreement and approved your project proposal, you may sign up for an orientation. Only after you have completed your orientation, will you be able to schedule an appointment to use the library.

3. Only authorized visitors may enter the library. All other guests (e.g., research assistants) must be approved in advance by library staff. Children and pets are not allowed in the library.

4. Continuing visitors must renew their applications each September and March and attend a yearly orientation and when any new policy goes into effect. When renewing your application, your project proposal should reflect the work completed and the remaining work to be done.

5. Visitors must make an appointment for each visit. Visits are limited to 3-hour slots once a week. Appointments must be made at least a week in advance.

Library Hours:

The library building is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. and 1:30-4:30 p.m.

Visitors may not access the main building outside of these hours for any reason other than a CHS- sponsored academic event.

Visitor appointments may be scheduled for Mondays through Fridays, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. and 1:30-4:30 p.m.

While at the CHS:

1. The Center’s library is a non-circulating collection. Books may not be removed from the library.

2. Visitors must log in and out of the main building every time they visit.

3. Visitors may bring only notebooks and laptops into the library, leaving all book bags, cases, coats, and jackets in designated areas.

4. Visitors must limit their activities at the Center to research directly involving the library collections and to research related to their stated project. A collegial, scholarly atmosphere must be maintained in the library at all times.

5. Food and drink are not allowed in the library stacks. Visitors may bring water in sealed containers for their carrels.

6. Visitors must observe the posted instructions and guidelines for the use of the scanner. There is no access to printing or copying.

7. Please do not reshelve books. Visitors should return books to designated book return areas.

8. Visitors may check out books to an assigned shelf at the discretion of the library staff.

9. When the closing bell rings at noon and 4:30 p.m., all visitors should return books to the shelving carts or their assigned shelves and make their way to an exit.

These policies are effective immediately. Last updated October 3, 2023.