CHS Learning Module

Core Vocab: philos

"This word philos defines identity by way of measuring how much you can identify with someone else: the more you love someone, the more you identify with this special someone—and the closer you get to your own self." Read more

A Sampling of Comments on the Iliad, by Gregory Nagy

"The Iliad ends with the funeral of Hector, not of Achilles. And it is Hector, not Achilles, who is lamented at the end. But it is Achilles who makes it all happen, since he has transcended his rage and has shown mercy to an old father. The tears of Priam had made Achilles think of his own old father, of his own ancestors—and of Patroklos, who embodied the glories of… Read more

How HeroesX Will Change Your Life—If You Let It

"That’s when I realized how important the community is to HeroesX. It’s not so much about me struggling alone with the texts. The project is best experienced when sharing my interpretations with others and again, allowing myself to undergo a transformation as I learn from the others (and perhaps vice-versa.) We may not all agree on things, but at least we can listen to each other and grow." Read more