CHS Learning Module

Le Héros Grec en 24 Heures

La Vie des Classiques vous offre la possibilité de retrouver l’intégralité des vidéos sous-titrées en français du MOOC de Harvard: Le professeur Gregory Nagy enseigne à Harvard. Au cours de ce projet, vous allez explorer avec lui plus de 250 textes des plus grands chefs-d’oeuvre de… Read more

Homeric Questions with Leonard Muellner

In his book Homeric Questions, Gregory Nagy explains his choice of title as follows: The title of this work is marked by the word Questions, in the plural. It takes the place of the expected singular, along with a definite article, associated with that familiar phrase, “the Homeric Question.”… Read more

New Sessions of Projects | Join us!

Now is an opportunity to get involved with the latest season of community-based projects. Please note that times are currently in EDT, and from November 6 are in EST. The clocks change on different dates in different countries! Attic Greek There are currently three study groups,… Read more