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Anna Stavrakopoulou, Selected Poems from the collection BABEL FOR TWO

back Anna Stavrakopoulou, Translated by Julia Dubnoff Ἀννα Σταυρακοπούλου Athens 2011 Αθήνα 2011 Και μην ξεγελαστείς ποτέ/And don’t ever fool yourself και πιστέψεις ότι εσύ ήσουν/ Into believing that is was you που ενέπνευσες όλα αυτά/who inspired all this τα ποιήματα και πεζά./poetry and… Read more

A Magnificent Birthday Party in an Artful Pavilion: Lifestyle and Leadership in Euripides’ Ion (on and off stage)

back Lucia Athanassaki, University of Crete Γρηγόρι’, ὦ φίλε, σοὶ Λουκία συνήδομ’ ἑταίρωι ὀγδoίης δεκάδος δοῦσα τόδ’ ἀρχομένωι 0§1 Euripides’ Ion is a play about identity, citizenship and leadership. These interrelated issues, fiercely debated throughout the play, receive an authoritative answer from Athena who appears ex machina and… Read more


back Graeme Bird Dear Greg, A few words of explanation about the video, although I hope it can stand on its own. Needless to say, the video is a visual “transcript” of a performance that deals with performance, with all of its inherent spontaneity and unexpectedness (and… Read more

Notes toward a Traffic in Catalogues

back Laura Slatkin One of the works most widely circulated in antiquity was an extensive hexameter poem that since then has had few admirers or advocates—and not many critics, either. The Hesiodic Catalogue of Women, largely because of the fragmentary condition in which it has survived to us, discouraged… Read more

Part II “The Cicadas”

back Yiannis (J.C.B.) Petropoulos In Greece the cicada fills the air every summer with his piercing, reassuring, significant symphony (not haphazard cacophony; the ancients quite cherished his song, and Hesiod in Works and Days 582 ff. clearly discerned its meaning!). Trusty tettix is a midsummer messenger, an angelos of… Read more