Greeks on Greekness Colloquium

Greeks on Greekness Colloquium  INTRODUCTION TO THE COLLOQUIUM ABSTRACTS BY DAVID KONSTAN back to Past Conferences main page The abstracts that follow summarize the papers distributed and discussed at the colloquium, “Greeks on Greekness: The Construction and Uses of the Greek Past among Greeks under the Roman Empire,”… Read more

Greek Priests from Homer to Julian

Greek Priests from Homer to Julian Conference Greek Priests from Homer to Julian Organized by Professor Beate Dignas, the University of Michigan and Professor Kai Trampedach, the University of Konstanz back to Past Conferences main page From the conference program: The intent of the symposium… Read more

Women & Property in Ancient Near Eastern & Mediterranean Societies

Women and Property in Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean Societies August, 2003 back to Past Conferences main page Introduction, by conference organizers and editors, Deborah Lyons and Raymond Westbrook Scholars in the two disciplines of Classics and Ancient Near Eastern Studies have recently focused a great deal of attention… Read more

Perspectives on Plato’s Symposium

Perspectives on Plato’s Symposium ‘Perspectives on Plato’s Symposium‘: Issues in Interpretation and Reception August 16-18, 2005   back to Past Conferences main page Plato’s Symposium occupies a special place in Western thought. Not only is it an acknowledged classic of ancient Greek philosophy and literature, it is also… Read more

Discussion Series: Homer’s Poetic Justice

Background Lecture For this series, we have provided an on-line text of the Homeric Odyssey, translated by Samuel Butler and revised by Gregory Nagy and Timothy Power. This revised translation includes glosses of key Greek words in the text. The entire Odyssey can be found here (or by using the… Read more

Discussion Series: Athenian Law Lectures

Punishment in Ancient Athens Danielle S. Allen, University of Chicago Part I) Introduction Ask any modern citizen to name a punishment meted out by their state and odds are the first thing she will say is “imprisonment.” Ask the same citizen then to say why modern states use imprisonment as… Read more