Homerizon Conference: Constanze Güthenke

Constanze Güthenke back to Homerizon Conference main page The Philhellenic Horizon: Homeric Prolegomena to the Greek War of Independence Based on what Richard Armstrong and Casey Dué, in the invitation to   this conference, termed the Wolfian paradigm of Homeric research and its intersection   with the preoccupations of… Read more

Homerizon Conference: Barbara Graziosi

Barbara Graziosi back to Homerizon Conference main page Homer and the Definition of Epic Epic, as a genre, is defined using many different criteria, from mode of discourse   (although some epics are not predominantly narrative), length (though some epics   are short), relationship to other genres (though not… Read more

Homerizon Conference: Doug Frame

Doug Frame back to Homerizon Conference main page The Homeric Poems after Ionia: A Case in Point The general topic of this paper is the reception of the Homeric poems in mainland   Greece after their substantial formation in Ionia in the late eighth and early seventh centuries B.C. Read more

Homerizon Conference: Mary Ebbott

Mary Ebbott back to Homerizon Conference main page Butler’s Authoress and gendered readings of the Odyssey How do or should considerations of gender affect our interpretation of Homeric   poetry? This is the central question in my article. I explore it by examining Samuel Butler’s 1897 book The Authoress… Read more

Homerizon Conference: Casey Dué

Casey Dué back to Homerizon Conference main page The Invention of Ossian In this paper I argue that by exploring James Macpherson’s alleged “invention” of the ancient Celtic bard Ossian Homerists can learn something about the way that contemporary theory about the nature of poetry influences our scholarly… Read more

Homerizon Conference: Jonathan S. Burgess

Jonathan S. Burgess back to Homerizon Conference main page Tumuli of Achilles Achilles died at Troy and was buried there, ancient myth and poetry agree. After his corpse was burned on a pyre, a great tomb, or tumulus, was heaped up over his bones. But the tumulus of Achilles… Read more

Homerizon Conference: Ellen Bradshaw Aitken

Ellen Bradshaw Aitken Back to Homerizon Conference main page An Early Christian Homerizon? Decoy, Direction, and Doxology In the first centuries of the development of Christianity, the Homeric poems and Homeric traditions continued to occupy a central place in Hellenistic and Roman cultural arenas. This paper explores some of… Read more

Discussion Series: Homer’s Poetic Justice

The Shield of Achilles [478] First he [the divine Hephaistos] shaped the shield so   great and strong, adorning it all over and binding it round with a gleaming   circuit in three layers; and the baldric was made of silver. He made the shield   in five thicknesses, and… Read more

Discussion Series – About

Discussion Series The Center for Hellenic Studies offers web-based seminars through on-line lecture and discussion series. Such series are part of the Center’s mission to promote the study of Hellenic Civilization and to engage as wide an audience as possible. To this end, this planned series and all future offerings… Read more

Discussion Series: Athenian Law Lectures

Athenian Law Timeline Athenian Law       Other Athenian History   632: Cylon fails to establish tyranny in Athens 621/20: Drakon’s laws   594/93: Solon’s reforms     546: Peisistratos establishes tyranny 508/7: Cleisthenes’ reforms; establishment of democracy     490: Battle of Marathon 487/6: Nine archons henceforth chosen by… Read more