The New Sappho on Old Age: Textual and Philosophical Issues

  Greene, Ellen, and Marilyn B. Skinner, eds. 2009. The New Sappho on Old Age: Textual and Philosophical Issues. Hellenic Studies Series 38. Washington, DC: Center for Hellenic Studies.

A Note on Classics@

This volume, The New Sappho on Old Age, is Issue 4 of the Center for Hellenic Studies journal Classics@, available free online from the Center’s website ( The goal of Classics@ is to bring the best of contemporary classical scholarship to a wide audience. Each issue is dedicated to its own topic, often with guest editors, for an in-depth exploration of important current problems in the field of Classics. The journal stresses the importance of research-in-progress, encouraging collegial debate (while discouraging polemics for the sake of polemics) as well as the timely sharing of important new information. This issue is the first one also made available in a print volume, with the intention of reaching an even wider audience. Although the print volume is necessarily static, the digital issue can remain dynamic, responding to new developments and reconsiderations of the evidence.