Hostages in Republican Rome

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Appendix 1C: Rhetorical References to Hostages {261}

Herein are the rhetorical and non-personal references to ὅμηρος and obsides found in the works cited in the bibliography.

Sources: “Hostage”
Josephus, J.A. 11.303 marriage
Diodorus 19.24.2 money
Polybius 1.68.3 baggage
Plutarch, Moralia 54A sympathy
Plutarch, Cato Minor 30.4 marriage
Cicero, Pro Caelio 32.78 prosecutions
Cicero, Pro Cluentio 66.188 dead sons
Cicero, In Catilinam 4.5.9 opinion (sententia)
Cicero, In Catilinam 4.2.3 Cicero’s son
Cicero, In Q.Caecilium 22.72 reputation, honor, etc.
Cicero, In Verrem2.3.53.124 Metellus almost gives hostages to Sicilians
Lucan 7.61-62; 8.31 Cornelia & Sons Pompey’s hostages to fate
Lucan 10.55 Ptolemy for Caesar’s safety at court