The Culture of Kitharôidia

  Power, Timothy. 2010. The Culture of Kitharôidia. Hellenic Studies Series 15. Washington, DC: Center for Hellenic Studies.





Plate 1: Red-figured amphora by the Brygos Painter with citharode, c. 480 BCE. Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, John Michael Rodocanachi Fund, 26.61.




Plate 2: Obverse of the amphora in Plate 1, with youth listening to citharode on reverse.




Plate 3: Statue of Apollo Patroos by Euphranor, c. 330 BCE. Athens, Agora Museum S 2154.




Plate 4: Roman statue of Apollo citharoedus (probably early Imperial period). Staatliche Museen zu Berlin K 163.




Plate 5: Late Republican wall painting with seated woman holding a kithara, from Room H of the Villa of P. Fannius Synistor at Boscoreale, c. 40–30 BCE. New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rogers Fund, 1903 (03.14.5).




Plate 6: Black-figured neck amphora by the Andokides Painter with Heracles kitharôidos mounting platform before Athena, c. 525 BCE. Munich, Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek 1575.





Plate 7, a and b: Red-figured eye cup by Psiax, c. 520 BCE. Cleveland Museum of Art 1976.89. Side A: citharode with spectators; side B: warriors.




Plate 8: Metope from the Sicyonian Monopteros at Delphi, with Orpheus and Philammon (?) with kitharai and Pollux on horseback, second quarter of the sixth century BCE. Delphi Archaeological Museum.




Plate 9: Red-figured amphora by the Andokides Painter with citharode and spectators, c. 530–525 BCE. Paris, Musée du Louvre G 1.




Plate 10: Red-figured pelike by the Argos Painter with citharode and spectators, c. 480 BCE. St. Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum Б 1570.




Plate 11: Red-figured Panathenaic-shaped amphora by the Nikoxenos Painter with Athena playing the kithara, c. 500 BCE. Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz F 2161.




Plate 12: Reverse of the amphora in Plate 11, with citharode.




Plate 13: Red-figured pelike by the Epimedes Painter with citharode and Nikai, c. 430 BCE. Plovdiv, Departmental Archaeological Museum 1812.