From Listeners to Viewers: Space in the Iliad

  Tsagalis, Christos. 2012. From Listeners to Viewers: Space in the Iliad. Hellenic Studies Series 53. Washington, DC: Center for Hellenic Studies.


In transcribing Greek names from Homer, I have generally followed modern principles of strict transliteration, for example rendering υ as u, ου as ou, and χ as kh: thus Antilokhos, Ekhemmon, Othruoneus, Thumbraios, and Lukourgos. In the case of some well-known names, however, I have opted to retain more familiar traditional spellings such as Achilles, Cilicia, Circe, Lycia, Myrmidons, Typhoeus, and Pylos.

In researching this book, I have consulted works published to the end of 2011. The recently published volume from E. J. Brill, Space in Ancient Greek Literature, edited by I. J. F. de Jong, unfortunately appeared too late to be included.