CHS Essentials Videos

The Center for Hellenic Studies has compiled a collection of short, topic driven videos for your viewing pleasure called CHS Essentials. This series of videos is comprised of clips from the CHS open house discussions as well as discussions and interviews with different members of the classics community. 

The CHS Essential videos can be found on YouTube either under the CHS channel or when you search CHS Essentials. Videos are separated based on common content material into a variety of playlists such as Oral Tradition: Music Song and Poetics or The Iliad. A complete list of playlists can be found here.
In less than 10 minutes, each video highlights a specific topic. Videos are available on a variety of subjects including Zeus and Hera on Mount Ida (Iliad 14.153-352)Jesus and Hero CultsTeaching Plato in the 2nd Century ADClassics and Comics, and many more!
So the next time you have a few minutes and would like to dive deeper into the ancient world, visit the CHS Essentials playlist on YouTube and enjoy!
CHS Essentials Thumbnail