CHS Online Open House | Equine Poetics, with Ryan Platte

Ryan Platte of Northwestern University will join the CHS community for an Online Open House discussion on Equine Poetics.

The event will be streamed live on Thursday, March 30, at 12:30 p.m. EDT, and will be recorded.

You can find out more about his forthcoming book, part of the Hellenic Studies Series, in this article.

Watch the event live on the Kosmos website, or on the CHS YouTube channel, where you will be able to post short questions or comments during the live stream. The team will try to incorporate your questions into the discussion.

Members of the Kosmos Society can start the discussion in the dedicated forum thread.

Ryan Platte

Ryan Platte is Associate Professor of Instruction in Classics and Director of Greek Instruction at Northwestern University, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences. earned his PhD from the University of Washington. His interests concern the history of language and poetic technique in Greek literature, while his research focuses principally on the Homeric corpus. This work privileges a linguistic approach to literary material and draws from the field of comparative Indo-European poetics. He has published on Greek lyric poetry and on epic, and has a book forthcoming on Indo-European influences on the treatment of horses and horsemanship in Homer, Equine Poetics, which will be published in July 2017 through Harvard University Press.