CHS Research Symposium — December 2015

CHS Research Symposium

You are invited to attend the Center for Hellenic Studies Research Symposium on Saturday, December 5 from 2:00-5:30pm (EST). The following fellows will present their research:

Peter Agócs (University College London)
Talking Song in Early Greek Poetry

Rodney Ast (University of Heidelberg)
Notaries, Clerks, and Hacks: The Many Writers of Greco-Roman Egypt

Francisco Barrenechea (University of Maryland, College Park)
New Gods, New Devotions: Religious Experience in Aristophanes’ Wealth
Joshua Billings (Princeton University)
Enlightenment on Stage

Charles Doyen (University of Louvain)
Measuring, Counting, Paying: Metrological Systems, Monetary Standards,
and Economic Structures in Hellenistic Greece

Ioanna Sitaridou (University of Cambridge)
The Evolution of Pontic Greek

Attending the Symposium

The symposium will take place in House A on the CHS campus. To reserve a seat, please write to A reception will follow at 6:00pm.
The symposium will also be available to watch online as a live webcast. The streaming link will appear on the CHS Research Bulletin.

Program Details

In late November, the symposium program and presenters’ abstracts will be available on the CHS Research Bulletin. To read short biographies of the presenters, please visit the CHS website.