English: Tropoi

Posidippus, Epigrams, Pap. Mil. Vogl. VIII 309


AB 102 (XV 24-27)

Why have you stopped near me? Why don’t you let me rest,
     questioning who I am and of what family and what country?
Near my tomb keep going! I am Menoitios, son of Philarchus
     from Crete, of few words, as happens to one who is in a foreign land.

Translated by L. Rossi
(From Rossi, L. 2001. The Epigrams Ascribed to Theocritus: A Method of Approach. Hellenistica Groningana 5. Leuven.)

AB 102 (XV 24-27) Why have you stopped to look at me? Why haven’t you let me sleep,
     asking who I am, where I come from or to what people I belong?
Go past my tomb! I am Menoitios, the son of Philarchos,
     a Cretan, a man of few words as one would be in a foreign land.

Translated by M.W. Dickie
(From Dickie, M.W., “A New Epigram by Posidippus on an Irritable Dead Cretan,” Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 32 (1995), 5-12.)

AB 102 (XV 24-27) Why did you stop near me like that? Why didn’t you let me sleep,
     asking who I am and whence and where born?
Go past my tomb. I am Menoitios son of Philarchos,
     Cretan, a man of few words inasmuch as being in a foreign land

Translated by A. Sens

AB 103 (XV 28-31) In breach of custom, you didn’t even ask me from where I come,
     and you walk by: not even who I am, or from what family.
Come on then, take a good look at me lying here in peace: I am the son
     of Alcaeus, Soses of Cos, the same sort, friend, as you.

Translated by D. Obbink

AB 103 (XV 28-31) You didn’t even ask, for custom’s sake, what land I’m from;
     no, nor who I am; nor descended from whom. You just walk by.
Come on, [look at] me [lying] peacably. I’m the son
     of Alkaios, Soses of Kos, [alive once, same] as you.

Translated by P. Bing

AB 104 (XV 32-35) Be good enough to stop; it shall be worth your while; I only ask a trifle,
     that you may know [someone] from Eretria.
But if you gradually move away, learn, my friend, that you see
     one who studied with Menedemos, Father Zeus, a wise man.

Translated by E. Kosmetatou

AB 105 (XV 36-38-XVI 1)
Pronounce his name, for under this monument the old man
     lies, who missed five years from a hundred,
an Adramytean man: “Son of Timanthes, Adramytean
     blessed Battus, … ” Translated by E. Kosmetatou

AB 106 (XVI 2-5) Tell …
     farewell, Hegesa…
for hers this …
     letters …

Translated by E. Kosmetatou

AB 107 (XVI 6-9) I lie in …
     nor …
stranger, to …
     friend (?), greet …

Translated by E. Kosmetatou and B. Acosta-Hughes

AB 108 (XVI 10-13) When well known (?) …
of the dead …
     farewell excellent (?) …

Translated by E. Kosmetatou

AB 109 (XVI 14-17) How …
     silence …

     cold …

Translated by E. Kosmetatou