Visiting Artist Presentation: Piero Marconi

Date: Friday, May 7, 2021
Time: 11:30am EDT / 6:30pm Greece

Part of the CHS Visiting Artist Presentation Series, the event features Piero Marconi, an Italian musician currently teaching at the “Rossini” Conservatory, Pesaro. His interests connect philosophy, composition, piano and music history. He has investigated the ancient doctrines of harmony and proportions (“Suoni, cifre e lettere”, 2008, on Plato’s Timaeus) and their influence on significant works by major composers. More recently he has also explored from a historical and aesthetic point of view the problematic issue of True and False in music (Musica Ficta, 2019). He leans towards taking a light approach as a composer, in works imbued with humor and irony (the award-winning match for soprano and piano, Mad-is-on Square Garden, being one such example). He will share musicological investigations and creative reinterpretations, and the fil rouge of music will link the distant past of Classical antiquity to the more recent past of German culture and to the present day of our technological era, the present of our lives.