Forthcoming | Particles in Ancient Greek Discourse

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming online publication of Particles in Ancient Greek Discourse: Five Volumes Exploring Particle Use Across Genres, a born-digital publication from the Hellenic Studies Series co-authored by Anna Bonifazi, Annemieke Drummen, and Mark de Kreij. This comprehensive work analyzes particle usage across five genres of ancient Greek discourse—epic, lyric, tragedy, comedy, and historiography—with the aim of exploring communicative strategies, cognitive processes, and the interactional dynamics of language production. The fifth volume consists of a searchable, sortable database designed to showcase the wealth of previous particle studies, from the fourteen monographs on Greek particles that have appeared between 1588 and 1993 to the hundreds of dedicated articles, grammars, thesauruses, and lexica.

To learn more, watch this in-depth interview with Anna Bonifazi previewing the project. You can find links to the books mentioned in the video and join a discussion around the study of particles on the Hour 25 website, under the posting entitled “Finding Beauty in the Smallest Words, Anna Bonifazi on Ancient Greek Particles.”

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Anna Bonifazi, Annemieke Drummen and Mark de Kreij.