Interns share their 2017 Sunoikisis experiences

From June 1 through June 19, 2017, two interns, Rose Milnes, Vanderbilt University, and Michael Saridakis, College of Wooster, managed the Sunoikisis faculty and course development seminar. During the seminar sessions, interns provide on-demand research assistance, and video and projecting equipment, and they also give short presentations and contribute to conversations about the design of the courses.
You can read the results of the conversations regarding the courses in the dedicated postings on the Sunoikisis website, as well as the interns’ own impressions on the experience of the Sunoikisis internship.

I have previously taken a course entitled Death, Disease, and Health in the Ancient World, and based on my own experiences as a student, I was able to provide feedback regarding which resources may be good (or not) for such an undergraduate-level course. I even had the opportunity to present articles to the group as if I were a colleague rather than just an intern.  Of course, there were many ancient Greek and Roman texts that I have never laid eyes on, so by partaking in the seminar I became exposed to an incredible amount of information and perspectives regarding the ancient world.
When I was not contributing to the group, I observed the seminar participants confer and develop a syllabus for what will be an amazing class. Watching the professors engage in academic discussions was an incredible experience. I hope to one day become a colleague among them and devote my life to academia. It was a fantastic learning experience that taught me how to read both primary and secondary sources, as well as how to present different topics and readings professionally to other classicists. Even outside the designated hours of the seminar, I was able to converse with these classicists and learn more about the field, while also making connections that will hopefully last a lifetime. It was such a privilege to work with these professors in this context, and I know that these new experiences will help me as I dedicate my life to becoming a classicist.–Rose Milnes (Read more)

My duties included setting up and cleaning up after the proceedings, coordinating Google Hangouts for the faculty members attending remotely, and operating and monitoring the live stream and recordings of the sessions. Additionally, I assisted my co-intern, Rose Milnes (the Fastest Typist in the West and all-around good person), with taking notes. The professors encouraged and welcomed my undergraduate perspective in the discussions.
At my small liberal arts college, because I am the only person pursuing AYA licensure in Latin, I do not have the opportunity to collaborate with others to build lessons, units, or classes. Being able to observe that process, participate in discussions, and apply my training will help make me a better student and educator when I return to Wooster this fall.–Michael Saridakis (Read more)