Kallion’s “Leadership and the Humanities: Study-to-Practice Workshop” in August at CHS DC

Guest post by Lucy Verheggen

Back row, left to right: John Esposito, Paul B. Ellis, Matthew Roller, Stephanie Barksdale, Lucy Verheggen, Lanah Koelle
Front row, left to right: Dasia Smith, Mallory Monaco Caterine, Shana O’Connell, Rhonda Knight, Rebecca Frankel, Daniella Sebastian

On August 1st and 2nd, the Center for Hellenic Studies welcomed Kallion Leadership for our Study-to-Practice workshop. The main purpose for the workshop was to work to continue to accomplish Kallion’s mission of elevating leadership through the humanities by encouraging humanities faculty and equipping them with the tools to incorporate the cultivation of leadership in their course designs.
Since Kallion Leadership seeks to implement better leadership through the humanities in every community, the participants of the workshop were comprised of students and professors along with leaders from the military, political, and corporate world. These individuals are as follows:
Benjamin Crockett – Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Practice, Africa Center of Strategic Studies.
Daniella Sebastian – Middle school English teacher, DC Public Schools
Dasia Smith – Teacher, DC Public Schools; Howard ‘19 graduate.
Jarinete Santos – Political Pipeline Direction, She Should Run.
John Esposito – Lecturer in Classics, University of North Carolina-Greensboro; Director of Media, Information, and Technology, Kallion Leadership.
Lanah Koelle – Program manager and librarian, Center for Hellenic Studies.
Lucy Verheggen – Tulane University ‘19 graduate.
Mallory Monaco Caterine – Professor of Practice in Classics, Tulane University; Director of Pedagogy and Executive Director, Kallion Leadership.
Matthew Roller – Professor of Classics and Vice Dean for Graduate Education and Centers & Programs, Johns Hopkins University
Mieke Eoyang – Senior Vice-President, Third Way.
Monique Maley – President and Founder, Articulate Persuasion.
Norman Sandridge – Associate Professor of Classics, Howard University; Director of Community and President, Kallion Leadership.
Paul B. Ellis – Campaign manager for U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin and national director of Democracy Summer; Ohio State University ‘18 graduate.
Rebecca Frankel – SAGE Publications; Harvard ‘15 graduate.
Rhonda Knight – Professor of English, Coker University
Shana O’Connell – Master Instructor in Classics, Howard University.
Stephanie Barksdale – Director of University Partnerships and Social Innovation, Cowan Institute; adjunct instructor of Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, Tulane University.
The content of the workshop was largely discussion-based, as each participant came equipped with their own unique insight regarding how they believe Kallion’s mission could be accomplished. Day 1 of the workshop included two round table discussions, with the speakers being the influential leaders of Washington D.C., and recent college graduates educated in the humanities. Day 2 consisted of smaller group work to develop key behaviors of a successful leader that had been introduced on Day 1: vision-setting, storytelling, and overcoming failure. Even time between activities at the S2P workshop was spent discussing leadership and individual experiences in the humanities – promoting an even better experience for every participant. Participants left the workshop with a greater understanding of Kallion’s mission, a further perspective on what it means to be a good leader, and several new activities and assignments they can implement in their courses to encourage students to go beyond simply learning about leadership to practicing better leadership behaviors inside and outside the classroom.