Meet the CHS Spring 2018 fellows!

The CHS welcomes the Spring 2018 fellows to our campus in Washington! Below is a list of our current fellows and their research topics, while you can learn more about the fellows on the CHS website.

Richard Armstrong (USA) University of Houston 
Companion to the Translation of Greek and Latin Epic with Alexandra Lianeri

Miriam Clinton (USA) Rhodes College 
The Minoan Modeling Project: 3D Modeling for a New Generation of Archaeological Publication

Francesca Dell’Oro (Italy) University of Lausanne
The Others: Looking for Diversity in Euboean Linguistic Ecosystems

Lena Lambrinou (Greece) Greek Ministry of Culture
Transformation of the Doric Architectural Style From the Classical Through Hellenistic and Roman Periods in Greece and Asia Minor

Jean Lempire (Belgium) University of Louvain 
“Ptolemaeus Byzantinus”: The Reception of Ptolemy’s Astronomy in the Byzantine World

Alexandra Lianeri (Greece) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Companion to the Translation of Greek and Latin Epic with Richard Armstrong

Adrià Piñol-Villanueva (Spain) Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Citizen and Foreigner in Archaic Greece: Access to Land, Justice and Cults

Kim Shelton (USA) University of California-Berkeley
Petsas House, Mycenae. The Excavation of a 14th Century BCE Residential and Industrial Complex: Pottery, Painting, and Pinakides

Anna Sitz (USA) University of Pennsylvania 
Inscribing Temples in Greece and Asia Minor: A Diachronic View

Mark Usher (USA) University of Vermont 
Sustainability, Complex Systems and the Greeks: A Trajectory of Two Emergent Ideas

The CHS fellowship program encourages and supports research of the highest quality on topics related to ancient Greece. The program offers an option for collaborative proposals and a non-residential option for researchers in Greece and Cyprus. Learn more on the dedicated webpage.