Online Open House | Re-inventing Old Craftsmanship, with Rachele Pierini

We are excited to welcome Rachele Pierini, University of Bologna for an Online Open House. The topic of the discussion is “Re-inventing Old Craftsmanship: Mycenaean Furniture and Today’s Design.” The event will be live-streamed on Thursday, November 7 at 11:00 a.m. EST, and will be recorded.

You might like to read “Reinventing Old Craftsmanship – Mycenaean Furniture and Today’s Design” for the event.

You can watch the event on the Center for Hellenic Studies YouTube channel, and the video recording will be posted on the Kosmos Open House blog post afterwards.

Rachele Pierini

Rachele Pierini was trained in Classical Philology at the University of Bologna and in Historical and Comparative Linguistics in Madrid. She is a philologist and a linguist who specializes in Bronze Age Aegean scripts, with a focus on Linear B. After having held several Post-Doctoral Fellowships (University of Bologna) and having spent a number of research periods abroad as Visiting Scholar in internationally renowned universities (Complutense University of Madrid; University of Cambridge), she is currently a Teaching Tutor in the Department of Classical Philology at the University of Bologna and has been recently awarded the prize of Cultural Ambassador by her native country. Her research mainly concerns the Greek language, both in its diachronic development (especially its initial stages, from the Proto-Indo-European origins to the earliest Linear B attestations) and in its relationship with substratum and nearby languages.