Online Resources for Hellenic Studies at CHS

In addition to program descriptions and teaching-and-learning tools, the Center for Hellenic Studies offers students and scholars a large selection of full-text publications—all freely available online. From book-length studies to journal issues to blog posts, below are some of our most recent offerings:


Bollack, Jean
The Art of Reading: From Homer to Paul Celan
Bonifazi, Anna, Annemieke Drummen, and Mark de Kreij
Particles in Ancient Greek Discourse: Five Volumes Exploring Particle Use Across Genres
Davies, Malcolm
The Aethiopis: Neo-Neoanalysis Reanalyzed
Edmunds, Susan
Homeric Nēpios
Franklin, John Curtis
Kinyras: The Divine Lyre
Muellner, Leonard
The Anger of Achilles: Mênis in Greek Epic
Lord, Albert Bates
The Singer Resumes the Tale
Nagy, Gregory
Masterpieces of Metonymy: From Ancient Greek Times to Now
Nagy, Gregory
Short Writings Volume IV
Pepper, Timothy, ed.
A Californian Hymn to Homer
Petropoulos, John C. B.
Heat and Lust: Hesiod’s Midsummer Festival Scene Revisited
Platte, Ryan
Equine Poetics
Rotstein, Andrea
Literary History in the Parian Marble

Classics@ Journal

David Elmer, Douglas Frame, Richard Martin, Leonard Muellner, and Gregory Nagy (eds.)
Issue 8: A Homer Commentary in Progress
David Elmer and Peter McMurray (eds.)
Issue 14: Singers and Tales in the 21st Century; The Legacies of Milman Parry and Albert Lord
Make sure to also check First Drafts@Classics@, and Kyklos@Classics@, two subsections of the Classics@ site, which are devoted to new and developing scholarship.

CHS Research Bulletin

The current issue, Volume 5, Issue 1 is available online. It features the work of the 2016 fall fellows, who presented at the biannual Research Symposium on December 3, 2016.

Classical Inquiries

Nagy’s most recent research and latest thinking on the ancient world focuses on:
A sampling of comments on Odyssey Rhapsody 7
A sampling of comments on Odyssey Rhapsody 6
Steuermann of Dionysus
Thinking Iranian, Rethinking Greek
A sampling of comments on Odyssey Rhapsody 5
A sampling of comments on Odyssey Rhapsody 4
A sampling of comments on Odyssey Rhapsody 3
The postings are listed in order of publication, with the most recent first.