Rowman and Littlefield | Homeric Megathemes: War-Homilia-Homecoming

Greek Studies: Interdisciplinary Approaches

Foreword by Gregory Nagy, General Editor

MaronitisHomeric Megathemes: War-Homilia-Homecoming, by Dimitris N. Maronitis, is an integrated collection of papers written by one of the Greek-speaking world’s most influential experts in Homeric poetry. The international impact of Maronitis’ work, which combines German-style philology with a Greek-style literary sensibility, can be most fully realized in the present English-language version. This book exemplifies the vitality of contemporary Hellenic scholarly engagement with the masterpieces of classical and preclassical Greek literature.

—Gregory Nagy


Building on the foundations of scholarship within the disciplines of philology, philosophy, history, and archaeology, the Greek Studies: Interdisciplinary Approaches series published by Rowman & Littlefield concerns not just the archaic and classical periods of Greek traditions but the whole continuum—along with all the discontinuities—from the second millennium BCE to the present. The aim is to enhance perspectives by applying various disciplines to problems that have in the past been treated as the exclusive concern of a single given discipline. Besides the crossing-over of the older disciplines, as in the case of historical and literary studies, the series encourages the application of such newer ones as linguistics, sociology, anthropology, and comparative literature. It also encourages encounters with current trends in methodology, especially in the realm of literary theory.

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